Ultimate and 616 Marvel Universe Multiverse

So, I finally read the first three New Avengers that came about with MARVEL NOW! this brought about some questions...

Have they/are they going to stop whatever caused the multiverses to collide within the regular Universe? I'm not much of an Ultimate fan, mainly because I haven't stayed caught up with them. But, to retain Marvel Multiverse consistency, there should be some parallel event to what has happened in the New Avengers.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it going to happen? How would/will they stop it?!?


Insane Deadpool

Before the Deadpool reboot for MARVEL NOW!, Mr. Wade Mercenary-Amazingness Wilson had more thoughts swimming around in his head than accidents in the kiddy pool. Long-time fans of his may or may not have noticed the emptiness and lack of thought the character has now. But, back in the day--

--Get on with it!!

Shhh... I'm trying to pay attention...

I guess, we don't really need to reflect on the past too much to get where we're headed. Now, if your brain isn't already fried enough, there is a comic-book series continuing DP's thought-filled-legacy...http://genesiseightseven.blogspot.com/2013/02/insane-deadpool.html

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The Child Within (SHAZAM!)

In the early 1940's, Captain Marvel comic books were flying off the shelves. In fact, these new Whiz Comics were becoming a financial threat to the original Action Comics superhero, Superman. With his seemingly endless power and various capabilities many people started wondering, "Isn't Captain Marvel just a knock-off of the Man of Steel?" Action Comics, now DC comics, thought so. In fact, they ended up suing Whiz Comics for stealing their idea. Guess who won. (Captain Marvel is now a proud member of the DC universe.)

I think Action Comics was wrong. Captain Marvel was unique. He had something that Superman never did....

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After I found out that Batman was given a Kryptonite ring by Superman (in case Superman ever needed to be killes), I though to myself, "Well, that's dumb. Batman doesn't need a Kryptonite right, it's not his style. He'd use his brain to beat the Superman. He'd probably find a way to teleport him to a part of the universe with no sun, rendering him powerless... Or, just sick Zatanna on him."

Today, I was thinking about Cap' Marvel. It would be pretty wicked if Marvel killed or at least beat up Superman. Assuming that the Kryptonian is still powerless against magic, Marvel should be able to kill the crap out of him (because his powers are all magic-based).

I know the chances of this ever happening are pretty low (given both of their character traits).

But, has this or something like it ever happened? Could it happen?


The In-Between Moments (Punisher & Thor)

"Your life is battle, and nothing more. This world is your battlefield, and nothing else. The blood roars in your ears and the song of it plays in your heart. What began in pain and rage is now lost in that sound."


"There it is. The point. The punchline. The resolution. Thor needs the Punisher to see something that's going to hurt. He needs the Punisher to see who and what he has become. Frank needs to know that he has crossed the line. The hero has become the villain. And, as it hits him, it hits me."

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God on Earth (Gods Among Us)

'Twas the night before Thor’s day, when all through the locus

Not a cloud was moving, not even a stratus;

The scientists were driving through the desert with despair,

In hopes that some sort of weather would be there;

The intern was driving, crazed look in her eye,

While praying to God that they would not die;

And Foster with her computer, near Selvig’s lap,

Had just given up, saying, “What the crap?”

When out in the sky, there arose such a color,

Jane started screaming to turn around faster.

Into the window she stared like a freak,

Yelling, “Drive faster, this is gonna be neat!”

The moon on the breast of the arid land,

Gave not nearly enough light to see him, oh man,

With a clunk and a crash we ran into that guy,

Surely, by God, I hope he didn’t die.

Finally, people are going to pay. God's wrath will finally come down on their enemies. With a leader who "will not grow faint or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth," someone who "will not be disgraced," with a face "like a flint," who will not be "put to shame," who beckons his enemies on, wanting a fight.


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Desert Deception (Gods Among Us)

Loki. Loki is a god of mischief and lies. He is the silver-tongued prince of Asgard. In Norsemythology, he is a shape-shifter and engineer to the death of Balder.

Overall, he covets power and does whatever he needs to achieve it. He pulls tricks, he shape-shifts (he was a woman in the Balder devo), he tells lies, and performs whatever rhetoric is required to have his sway.

He would do everything in his power to have the world and Thor bow before him, succumbing to his power. In fact, many times, it seems as if he has had his way. He wins.


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