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Someone's really full of it this week

  • If you want to hear about comic books, start at the 20 minute mark. Seriously
  • You can't just preface a statement with 'everyone is entitled to their opinions' and then complain about the comments on your site. A vocal majority thought Zero Year dragged and just as many think Original Sin went off the rails. Very few people think the world is just filled with 4 and 5 star books. So people are more salty and one sided about their opinions online, who cares? You could not read the comments. Or you could disable them on reviews. Either decision is a lot more productive than whining on the podcast.
  • What is the source for the data that Comic Vine doesn't want to hear spoilers? A comment thread? a poll? As Corey has mentioned, there are studies out there with a much larger data pool that prove knowing plot points ahead of time isn't the disaster you make it out to be:
    Spoilers Don’t Spoil Anything
    also, many say 2 days is plenty of time for someone to catch up. Comics come out Wednesday, your podcast comes out Friday
    It's ludicrous to suggest someone won't buy a comic because now they know how the story goes. Do you think people won't go see Guardians of the Galaxy because they can read the plot on wikipedia? We're asking for plot points to be discussed so there is some critical discussion of whether they story is good or not. Where Spidey webs a woman in distress is not critical discussion
  • You are wrong about Utah Comic Con. Local artist and fellow podcaster Scott Johnson will tell you as much

And this is just the first hour? Wah wah wee wah...

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5.5 on IGN

"Jensen essentially reveals that Fatality never loved Stewart, and that he has been unknowingly raping Fatality for the entirety of their relationship. It’s enough to give any Stewart fans the heebs, and this also means that all of the time that has been used to set up this relationship and any attachments that fans may have built up towards this relationship has all been for naught. In addition to that, Stewart’s reaction to this news is ripped straight out of Star Wars Episode III, and in case you are wondering, that’s a very bad thing. Instead of feeling anything for Stewart, you’re left laughing at the absurdity of the scene. "

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good old fashioned superhero fighting is code for poor storytelling. 4 stars is too generous, particularly when comics cost what they do.

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Ask yourself these 3


1. Did this year of stories add or improve upon any of the Batman mythos?

2. 10, 20 years from now, will this be referenced as part of Batman's origin?

3. Has T Guerro ever given Scott Snyder less than 5 stars?

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@scarletbatman They rarely review a ho hum book and nearly never a bad book currently. They currently pick things they believe has a great potential and thus the worst rating you see is usually a 3. As for revising the rating system, I've been advocating that since I found this site to the point where people have flagged my comments. Tony refuses to do so, citing a cranky webmaster. Allowing 1/2 stars, upping it to a 10 star system, this would elevate a tremendous amount of confusion to the reviews. @inferiorego , wouldn't you enjoy the ability to award 1/2 stars? You can define what those stars mean to you on the podcast till your blue in the face, there's still going to be left brain people who see 3/5 and equate that to 60%, aka a failing grade in American education.

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The Problem: Complaints that Comic Vine ratings are inflated. Currently 91% of the books on the reviews page have 4 or 5 stars. Concurrently, Comic Vine staff find the complaints irritating and desire readers to focus on the written review rather than the star rating. @g_man explains that they select the ~20% of the releases every week to review that they deem are "good books"

The Solution: Do away with ratings and replace them with a title akin to "Comic Vine's picks of the week" at the top of the page featuring reviews. @inferiorego no longer has to struggle between star reviews, it's made apparent that these are the books you want to focus on and readers are left merely with the written review to focus on.

*wipes hands*

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The New 52: Where unfortunate things happen

"DC said they wanted us to re-introduce Wally West and they wanted him to be bi-racial" - Robert Venditti

Not a mystery Tony. It's upper brass and editors issuing edicts instead of letting writers do their jobs. These are the same people that force major last minute rewrites of scripts and cause the Diggle's and the Fialkov's of the world to say "thanks, but no thanks". I'm all for diversity in comics, but not tokenism. No one has a passionate idea for a bi-racial Flash at DC, it's just PR people failing to properly address the issue that all top DC characters are white males. Are Justice League is too homogeneous? Well, we'll throw Cyborg in there, but we won't find a talented young African American writer to develop him in his own series. That's tokenism.

Look across the isle, and you see Miles Morales. A fully developed character taking over the mantle of a popular white hero. Bendis had an idea of who this guy is and how his superhero career would differ from Peters. And he's huge, people cosplay as him and Donald Glover wants to play him in a movie. That's diversity.

"@g_man: But it is more like we are getting the name back not the character. The two have a completely different backstory, connection to Flash, and upbringing (he seems to be the generic street punk kid in the Annual preview) and I don't see how he can ever be the Wally people wanted back."

Exactly. That's why people are upset.

From IGN's comments (with over 1000 likes):

"While I have no problems with it, it seems a LOT of comic companies are doing things like this just to be different and it comes off as artificial. Personally, instead of changing established heroes, I'd prefer them to introduce great new heroes. Why couldn't they introduce a new Flash who's biracial instead of having Wally West? It wouldn't be the first time the mantle has changed hands. For example, John Stewart isn't Hal Jordan turned black-- he's a great GL on his own."

That's it.

Finally, it is on the storyteller, not the reader, to create suspension of disbelief. "You should know they're just gonna change it back" ABSOLUTELY NOT. You should put down a comic saying "wow, I have no idea what's gonna happen next". And if you're just gonna pull time jump stunts and crisis' upon crisis', people are gonna stop paying attention. It's disrespectful to the creators and the readers

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I feel like DC's animated films have been going downhill since Flashpoint Paradox. I'll give this one a look for sure but I'm mostly just excited for Assault on Arkham.

Hmm, what could be the factor for that...

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This has become the morning zoo of comic podcasts. Constant music, punchlines that make no sense followed by wacky sound clips. I'm giving up, maybe if @missj returns I'll try again, but this sophomoric humor does nothing for the medium

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