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Will the new site have a more nuanced rating system?

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Why you shouldn't read Batman: HUSH

Primarily, it's the painfully simple reveal of Hush. So there's "an unknown stalker sabotaging Batman at every possible turn" and also it "introduces a childhood friend who is now a skilled doctor, Thomas "Tommy" Elliot". You don't think the two brand new characters could be *GASP* one and the same?! This undermines the Jason Todd reveal which would have been a bigger surprise, held more emotional weight, and offered up more future story potential. SInce then, there's been more stories and interest in Jason's return than Hush himself. It also would have avoided the often mocked "Prime Punch" which ended up being the catalyst for his return. There's also the reveal of a fully healed Two-Face which apparently wasn't important enough to actually happen on the page? It's essentially an excuse to have Jim Lee draw everything Batman and if that's your thing, more power to you. But ask yourself: how does the Huntress fight crime in that outfit? Wouldn't Croc be more complimentary batman villain as a man born to a tragic deformity rather than a mindless beast?

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Can we get a take 2 on that Invincibly Supper Massive Fialkov podcast?

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@bloggerboy said:

Can someone make a list of writers/artists that have left DC just prior and during the New 52? I'm sure the list is getting consistently bigger and not just because of the rotating comic business.

And yes, I know Diggle is only leaving Action Comics.

Well, from defchild over at the BleedingCool forums, here's a list of many incidents:

Does Wonder Woman's costume have pants?

The Rozum-McDaniel Static debacle

Liefeld's flame out

George Perez off Superman

Doing Before Watchmen without Moore's approval (and the Roberson affair that ensued)

Gail Simone's firing and re-hiring

Vendetti on then off Constantine

Jim Zubkavich on then off Birds of Prey

Art and Franco finding out Superman Family Adventures is cancelled through Previews

"WTF Certified"

Jerry Ordway's shoddy treatment

Diggle's sudden departure from Action

Fialkov off Green Lantern books (if confirmed)

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@Zeeguy91 said:

@doordoor123 said:

Yeah, after this and now Fialkov too.... I'm done with comics. I am so tired of being screwed by every f*cking company.

What happened with Fialkov?

"Both incidents seem to involve repeated editorial changes to already-approved directions that have not been welcomed by the writers."

How many times have we heard this? It's like 90's Marvel all over again. Time for a regime change

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The reason he's leaving is DC isn't acting "professionally"

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Ah, the fine piece of cinema that is the Green Lantern movie. It continues to haunt us, like the specter of a black lantern. Without it, we'd have probably seen at least 2 more years of the animated series. Instead the Green Lantern movie merchandise stunk up the isles at retail, causing retailers to decine any product with a emerald fashion accessory. The GL animated toy line was scrapped, CW saw next to nothing in merchandise profits, and the show gets axed without any consideration of the quality of this cartoon. Well, at least we got to see that great matchbox car construct up on the big screen, right?

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"what has and hasn't happened with Batman?"

Easy. The stories I've read with Batman in them have happened. They have progressed through my eyes to my brain and have been experienced. And if DC or Snyder wants to tell me one of those hasn't happened, they can do it till the cows come home, it isn't gonna make a lick of difference to me. However it makes a huge difference to some others out there *cough* comicvineeictonygmanguerro *cough* so we now have to retread old and familiar ground. When a press release begins with a pre-emptive "you haven't seen this part of the story before" then the company is well aware they're repeating themselves or else why not let the story speak for itself? This is the exact premise of Johns/Frank's Batman Earth One, it's the first hour or so of Batman Begins, and it's dangerously close to the material of Miller's Year One and Loeb's The Long Halloween plus many more obscure stories. Also, how do you top Mask of the Phantasm for a look into Bruce's early days? I've absorbed a lot of Batman stories on my 33 years on the planet, learning how they built the Bat Cave isn't one of them. I'm sure it'll be DC's top seller but it is not what I am looking for.

Also, let's now admit Death of the Family went out in a puff of smoke. With this and Damian's death, there's going to be no repercussions from the Joker's attack. Do yourself a favor and go read the digital-first Legends of the Dark Knight. Good storytelling, free on continuity or editor interference by some of the most talented creators around.

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The answer is simple:

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If you listen to the latest Fat Man on Batman podcast by Kevin Smith, you'll know that Morrison had this fate planned for the end of Batman and son. However the character spoke to him so he ended up writing more stories. Also, do spoilers really matter that much? Researchers say that it may even increase enjoyment. Link:

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