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"Goodbye Forever"

That's a terrifying statement. Is there protocol for reporting posts which sound suicidal to people who may help?

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If Injustice has shown me anything, we need an Oliver Queen/Harley Quinn team up book.

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It all started back in the day with the Static Shock cartoon, followed by the Teen Titans cartoon (go Raven and Beast Boy!). That convinced me to go check out a few comics and the library. I randomly selected a couple, and they were absolutely fantastic! (of course, what else would you expect of "Watchmen" and "The Judas Contract")

In those two books, I met two of my favorite characters of all time; Rorschach and Deathstroke. Static Shock and the Teen Titans made me check out comics; Rorschach and Slade Wilson convinced me to stay.

Now, they still are my favorite characters. Raven and BB have sort of faded into the background (because of lack of good stories).

Not sure about least favorite character. I'll just leave the generic statement about characters with unlimited power not based in skill.

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I support same-sex marriage. I figure I should state that first before writing my opinion.

To me, there are two separate terms that need to be considered. Religious marriage and secular marriage. Religious marriage is a marriage deemed valid in the eyes of whatever religion is currently being considered. Secular marriage is a marriage that is deemed valid by the state.

If marriage were only a religious institute, then it would break the first amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;..." Basically, the government cannot force a religious institution to marry individuals whom the religions does not want to marry.

However, marriage is not only a religious institute. There are thousands of laws on the books in the US alone that grant benefits to individuals who are currently married. Therefore, by not allowing secular marriage, the state is rejecting the right of same-sex couples to be given the benefits that those laws entail, meaning that this is indeed a rights battle to give homosexuals equal rights.

Now, one of the more prominent responses to this is the creation of civil unions, which grant homosexual couples the same rights as marriage under a separate term. However, the creation of a separate institute for gay couples would still create two classes of individuals, those who are married and those who are in a civil union. The very idea of this should be considered unconstitutional due previous court rulings dictating that the policy of "seperate but equal" is unconstitutional.

EDIT: I might have gotten an order of magnitude wrong on the laws. Not sure.

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I think it should depend on the mythology from which they originate. For example, The Olympian Gods are immortal, as in they can't be killed (They can be dealt with, such as Uranus being castrated and Cronos being thrown to the depths of Tartarus), but under no circumstances can they cease to be.

The Norse gods, on the other hand, are not so lucky.

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I understand that. What I was saying was that, based on the information that I observed (combined with what might be a slight bias towards Green Lanterns), I would consider Clark_EL to be the winner. However, as far as organizing and presenting an argument, ThunderGodsWrath was much better.

Also: This was a good debate, I'd like to see you two debate more in the future.

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Hmm, this is a hard match to consider, mainly because of the major differences in strength and ability of the characters under different writers. For Hal and Sinestro, we do have the fight with Krona. Thor however, has the power-draining abilities which make me hesitate in putting my vote for the lanterns.

As far as the debate itself goes, The argument for Thor was much more cohesive and understandable, while the argument for the lanterns was a bit more jumbled and inconsistent in presentation. However, excellent points were presented on each side.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to whether Thor can absorbed the power of the Green Lanterns. If he has no difficulty doing so, then It's Thor's win.

However, I'm unconvinced that he could (though I consider it probable, I didn't see a specific argument for why, with the specific source of the lanterns power being what it is, he could do so).

Therefore, I think my vote has to go to the Green Lanterns.

EDIT: I'd also like to note that outside of this debate, my knowledge of Thor is minimal, while I used to read Green Lantern comics. So there is probably a little bias there. Most my knowledge of Thor comes from the movies.

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It's been on this list several times, but there's a reason for it:

Saga is one of the best books currently being published. You should definitely pick it up.

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I'll also throw in my support for Deathstroke and Deadpool.