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@k4tzm4n: thanks introducing me to this series thru your reviews and consistent raving whenever your on podcast. This series has been really consistent. This particular issue got me curled up and sad. Haha

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Why is there too much hate on Ben Affleck playing Batman? He's a good actor. Argo fuck yourself, haters.

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Geez, almost all of the comments before me are negative. Saying how awful Afleck is it how horrible Daredevil was. Goodness people. When was Daredevil shown? 2000? 2002? 2005? It's 2013 already.

Ben Affleck has done great movies in the past years. Some both as actor and director. He has improved guys. He's good. He's a great choice.

Well I guess whoever they cast as Batman all of you will rant and nag.

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Greetings, G-Man and the crew,

I am relatively new to reading comics and two of the titles I am really enjoying are Uncanny X-men and Cable and the Force. I found out that Colossus and Magik are actually brothers and sisters. So my questions are:

Do they have a good brother-sister relationship considering Colossus as a very kind man and Magik is a little obnoxious?

I am really enjoying these two characters. Are there any story arcs in the past that are Colossus-and-Magik-centric?

Thanks for answering guys!

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I love Bryan Cranston as an actor but for Lex? I thinks he's too old for it? Plus I think it would be more intimidating if Lex is around Cavill's age. Michael C. Hall is my first choice for Lex. Mark Strong is also a good fit for the role. He have this "I'm better than superman" vibe going on him. Idk. Haha

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No Jen? *sigh*

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Hey GMan, Corey, Jen (if you are there, i love your voice and i love how you laugh when Corey mimics someone (don't be creeped out lol)),

On to my question. So I heard that it was announced in San Diego that Zack Snyder is going to direct a movie where Superman and Batman will team-up. Everybody is so excited about this (myself included). My question, did they announce whether this new movie is going to be the sequel to Man of Steel or a new different franchise? Personally, I really think it should be a new franchise. I mean I want a Batman/Superman movie but if Batman will be in the Man of Steel sequel it should just only be a cameo or just an appearance. Your thoughts? Plus, who do you think amongst the villains would really challenge Bats and Supes?

One more question. Is Jen going to be a regular? Can you make that happen GMan? She's been a really great addition in the podcast!

Keep up the great coverage guys. Have a great weekend.

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Who is that woman in front of Shazam?

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An Ongoing? Is DC planning a very long term relationship between these two? I don't know what to make out of this announcement but I'll be on board though. :)

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I'd prefer a Wonder Woman or Flash film.

I'm having a hard time thinking who among Flash's rouge gallery will be good for a grounded Flash movie.