DCnU.... why do you make me hate you?

File this one under Nerd-rage. 
So, you know how some things, once seen, can not be UN-seen? This is worst when the picture is out of context and then you get these weird infinite loops. You know the ones where your brain tries its damnedest to concoct a scenario in which what you saw could be acceptable in any way! 
So I was on the intertubes and I saw a picture that is supposedly a cover of an upcoming book where Superboy fights King Shark. 

 NOT this cover from 1994...
Which reminds me, if you didn't see my previous post about DCnU being the 90s...  
Anyway, the following image was (i'm struggling to find the right word without being too hyperbolic)... despair inducing. I'm really hoping this isn't real, but I can't imagine it's fan art.  
For 1, it uses the redesigns, which people don't seem to be enthusiastic about. For B, I know both these characters were featured in other official redesign covers, but I don't remember a lot of press about their being matched up early on. And for III, fan art usually comes from one of the following obvious places: love of (sometimes bordering on obsession with) a character, reimagining (notice the wallpaper on my profile page for an obvious example), self-insertion (me or my fan-character as the character I love), or lust (there's a pun here revolving around the previous category, but I'm too lazy/brain dead to make it). If I could pinpoint an emotion behind this drawing it would be a mix of spite and "EXTREME!" 
This drawing looks ridiculous, and is drawn with a barest minimum of a modicum of artistic skill, but made me acutely aware of how much I dislike both these characters redesigns. I honestly think someone, probably multiple people should be fired for drawing this. My brain is just so full of ranting and confusion that I think it's best to wait a while and list all my myriad problems with this for if someone actually asks. 
So without further padding for space here's the picture that is currently killing my brain 

 What the hell is going on here?
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He hardly looks like a shark, more like... 
Venom! That's it! I mean look at all those teeth! 
Well, Venom never had THAT many teeth, but still, something about his design just screams "Venom" to me...

Posted by ntb1124

Yeah not sure about the teeth, or the fact that they seem to not be made of anything solid, and look to be flapping....not liking that one...

Posted by livingsilver

I disagree that this looks like fan art. While the dry-brush technique used to ink may not look as clean as Tom Grummet's fine lines, the artist is clearly more skilled than the typical untrained fanboy. 
Everyone is allowed their opinion, I just wanted to let you know that some of us are looking forward to the new costumes and fresh number ones. The traditional DCU wasn't selling; now the DCnU is getting a chance to see if it can sell better.

Posted by forDarkseid

I actually read this issue and it is not King Shark. So no complaints, its just an ugly shark-looking alien.