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@darkman61288: wonder woman's weakness is pointless,she can deal with bullets and swords even when she is blind,and that weakness was misunderstod by some writers and that's how they mado so many inconsistencies with wonder woman's durability,so they better stay away from it.

I understand what your saying and I agree that writers are very inconsistent in her abilities, however, why would she need her bracelets if she was vulnerable to those things? They are essential to her character and her background and they are what is suppose to help her overcome her vulnerability.

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@fanofsuperheroes: i kinda agree as well.................come to think about it, there are alot of carbon copies of superman out there. however i actually don't mind having the other kryptonians out there (including those in the superman family, h'el, zod and his army as well as the kandorians)............imo, this essentially humbles superman, showing that he's not necessarily supposed to be superior to everyone else and that there are others that are capable of having the same abilities. i personally think that all kryptonians should be represented like superman (ability-wise)

as for the other characters, WW, shazam, MM, captain atom icon, gladiator, sentry, hyperion, ect.......who all can fly, possess super speed and super strength....... i def. see superman's influence (ability wise)

I guess I just lost respect for this entire Superman kryptonian thing when they underlined the fact that he was the only survivor from his home planet. Then they gave us Supergirl which I could have dealt with, it was a decent story to bring her in. Why in the heck are there a whole new planet full now? lol

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In my opinion I hope her durability still remains with a weakness in it. For me it is what makes her more relatable. More of a hero. Each hero should have a weakness to make them more mortal. Superman is Kryptonite and WW was piercing objects. It gives her a more realistic vibe (albeit it is comics and non realistic). I don't want to see her as a carbon copy of superman. That's just stupid since we have PLENTY of copies of Superman like Supergirl, Powergirl, Superboy, blah blah blah......

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@Stronger: I suppose that's true, though in my head they both alter your mind in one form or fashion, but I see your point. So then I ask you this, if Superman is trying to kill Doomsday, I mean really kill him, do you think he is holding back?? If not, what do you think Black Adam is going to be able to do to actually put Diana down?? I am not a reader of BA but as far as I can tell its all the same things as Superman right? So he won't KO her if Superman can't, let's just say for arguments sake they are the same speed, durability is also on the same level unless BA starts using some sharp weapons. They both have lightning.........what do you think BA can do to actually put WW down?

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@Stronger said:

Please answer my questions.

Did Wonder Woman get humiliated by Bizarro? Has she ever beaten a non brainwashed Supes? Does Superman change the way he fights depending on the circumstances?

Again,if you need scans of the fights I mentioned,just ask...

I'm pretty sure he started off by asking you to post scans to prove your points.

As already mentioned Bizarro and WW fight is non canon.

WW and Superman fighting is not going to happen unless one is brainwashed, so we just have to go with what battles they have had. Black Adam might be able to hit as hard as Superman (though I doubt it) but the point is she can tank superman hits then she can tank BA hits.

Sorry but Superman is not a skilled warrior, he has the few things going for him such as strength, speed, and invulnerability, that he mostly uses in every single one of his fights. Diana is a much more skilled fighter which is why she is able to hang with him even though he is slightly more powerful.

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@drgnx: I very much appreciate the scans, was not trying to say anything bad about you posting them, just that someone was saying batman took out the whole lot of people with no problems. Personally I hate Batman and I think he gets way to much credit for being a vigilante cry baby woah my parents were murdered and I'm never going to get over it rich boy complex who thinks he knows everything. That's just my take on him.

I am inclined to agree that if this fight took place in the comics and was written as it should be that WW would take the bats out in all three rounds. She spent her entire childhood up until she was actually chosen to become WW fighting and learning about battle tactics and how to take people down. So whoever thinks that if you take away her superpowers and she isn't that great, you just made her into Artemis albeit a better combatant and as per one scan Artemis took Batman down before he cheated and poisoned her. So WW should have minimal difficulties.

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So what those scans prove is that Batman KNOW's that WW is his equal now that he has superman's powers, which is why he BFR'd her so he could take out the others and just concentrate on her. Pretty legit for WW if you ask me. Not too mention as it states they were pulling their punches so as to not hurt him.

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Aw poo, I am never good at posting scans. I have billions but posting them is my kryptonite. :-(

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Okay, I know this battle has been going on for a while and though an interesting read lets take note. For those of you who say that superman will speed blitz her BEFORE she reacts, you obviously are reaching. Superman can FLY and MOVE faster than light speed, he CANNOT react NOR think at that speed by ANY MEANS AT ALL. This is the reason WW can go toe to toe with him, her reaction time is faster because she is a warrior born. Superman was able to reach Flash's speed AFTER he THOUGHT about moving that fast. Superman is fast AFTER his brain says, "hey supes you really need to get over there quick". THEN he is faster than most. Secondly I think everyone forgets that Jean was mostly a telekinetic first, NOT a telepath. So now you have to break it down to two thoughts, superman thinks "I need to kill her, speedblitz" and Jean thinks "I need to protect my vulnerable self, shield", BAM. Who wins, DC's strongest hero or Marvels most powerful telekinetic?? Can he get through her shield AND KO her before she thinks Mind rape. Minor telepaths have given supes trouble before so what makes you think one of the most powerful telepaths will have ANY issues with it whatsoever. Supes TP resistance comes from his alien nature, its hard to instantly go into an aliens mind you are unfamiliar with and gain control, HOWEVER, Jean wrestles with aliens all the time, she is way more familiar with it than most telepaths. I am not saying Jean wins but I am saying it is definitely NOT as easy as most are saying.

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I would like to back up greenteaforme, I think that's who. Whether Marvel Zeus is the same as DC Zeus or not, here is WW deflecting several God Blasts:

So I don't think Diana is going down anytime quickly, and if there are others that are more powerful than her then they obviously won't be either.