Day 1 million

I don't know what happened but I could just not get my account transferred over to the new format. I don't know why today was different but I got it so YAY!!! I hope everyone is in fine form and look forward to debating with some of you and chatting with others of you.


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Staying away!

Well, I am a little upset that whoever takes care of this site is doing a pretty piss poor job. I have been doing the quests and many of them are bugged. I went to file under the bug forum and found that surprise I'm not the first to report these issues and it was well over a year ago they were reported. Yet here we are with no fix and not even a reply as to what's going on. Unprofessional if you ask me. So, I am not coming on with the same frequency I was in the beginning. I will be on from time to time of course, but they lost my dedication and my word of mouth as to how great the site can be.


Day 25

Now I missed like 2 days. I'm slacking. Life is getting in the way. Just wanted to say Avengers was amazing, and the new Spiderman was pretty good as well. I wonder what superhero movie will be next!

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Day 20

I have figured out She Hulk is better than I originally was thinking. She has grown into a nice powerful woman. Good for Jen. I was wondering why all the heroes have to go through constant changes with powers and yet hardly evolve. Seems kind of weird to me.

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Day 19

Yesterday was a horrible itchy day for me so I never got on to blog the day. Here I am, still itchy but determined to prove AweSam wrong. lol

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Day 17

Saturday, what a great day. Going out to swim at the lake, then later I get to do laundry and read some comics. Fun Fun! I think I am going to do some reviews today as well and work on my book.

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