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I've seen this everywhere and so I'm spreading it.  Love this cover! Also liking the snow picture recently released.

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I like this version of Supergirl.  I saw it in another forum post.  I think its more innocent and yet she'll still kick some ass.  I have a very bad feeling that they are going to make Supergirl more of a villian.  Its stupid because I feel like we've already heard this story.  Superman has to teach her how to find compassion for humanity blah blah blah.  I think a storyline more of Supergirl in a "Smallville" like setting would be really interesting.  A 16 year old girl dealing with the powers of Superman while still trying to be a cheerleader, debate champion, class president and Superhero.  It could be a neat way to mimic and yet develop the character more.  Maybe she is the editor and chief of the high school blog.  Any way I think this is going to be cool if the story is done right, and chances may be that they wont.

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I really LOVE the cover that isn't the official one.  They should use it instead.  She has more of an innocent look about her.  If the series is going to be about a trouble teen from Krypton then it needs a bit of human realism to it and a little less "bad ass fake comic" feel.  I saw the cover to the second Supergirl Issue and its Supergirl fighting Superman.  First of all this has been done a billion times.  Think about it, if this were more real-world, then a teenaged girl wouldn't fight a grown man.  I am imagining her slamming bank sized vault doors (only doors she could slam without destroying it) rather than starting a fist fight.  The last few arcs in Supergirl have had that tone of her being a bad hero and not finding her way.  I want a Supergirl that the world can be proud of but deals with issue her own way.  A hero to stand with Superman but clearly separate in method.  When it comes to Kryptonians in comics, you have to challenge them differently than standard heroes.  And I don't think we are going to see much originality in this first arc.