My Favorite Villains (Top 10)

Honorable mentions include Captain Cold and Professor Zoom

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Where's Galactus and Mister Mxyzptlk?

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@ryanburns: I don't care for cosmic entities that much.

I wanted to stick to 10 but had to bump it to 15. There's too many good villains.

I want to stick to a relatively low number or it doesn't mean as much.

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decent list, some I like some I couldnt care less

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Doctor Doom at number 1?

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@fallschirmjager: I'm sure he just too good that you couldn't come up with a place before #1


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Since reading the new 52 Aquaman and watching Young Justice, I can say that Black Manta is terrifying and brutal. However he has a lovely singing voice (Batman: The Brave and The Bold).

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Lex Luther



Black Manta


Captain Cold

General Zod


Mr Freeze

Those are just mine but your list is also cool I just don't read marvel so I couldn't say anything about them but still cool list

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It's cool you have Black Manta and Sinestro on here.