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@lvenger: By that logic, than every Superhero film ever is a huge failure. Because every one of them use no-named characters as a way to heighten the suspense.

Why do you think Avengers 3rd act took place it New York? It was because if that battle happens in the middle of a desert, you don't give a crap. Is that also a failure in your eyes because the hundreds of civilians didn't get any development?

Or how about ASM2 in time's square when Peter keeps the people from getting electrocuted. Is that also a scene where you don't care if they die or not, because we never even get their names.

There are examples of that in every single superhero movie. So I'm failing to understand your logic here that because they aren't developed you can't care about them. They were running from their lives. They were characters we know, even if they don't all have a solo film. Many of them we've seen in past movies in fact.

Hell, people have created uproars over the destruction in MoS all the lives that were taken. You never meet most of them, why should you care if they got destroyed?

And dude. (No pun intended). The future scenes are portrayed a post-apocalyptic world where most of mutantkind and human kind have been wiped out. What the hell else would it be? Its suppose to be dark and depressing. Should they be holding hands and licking lollipops while dancing on mass graves?

You're telling me you felt no emotion when Kitty got slashed? Or when Iceman got his head ripped off? Or when Magneto was bleeding out? Come on dude.

Even characters we meet for the first time I cared about. And if you really didn't, then as I said you must hate every superhero film in existence

We can agree to disagree, because I don't even understand the fundamental reasoning behind your points.

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@lvenger: I don't agree at all.

We don't need a solo film for every character to care about them. Their plight was real.

I was engrossed and the transition was seamless. How the past and future were mirroring each other. How going from one to the other never took you out it whatsoever.

The scenes where Wolverine is getting hurt for example and that transitioned him to slashing up Kitty for example was brilliant. They never let you forget about them.

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@theacidskull: Oh my god dude. That End Credit scene was so fucking DOPE!!!!!!!!

The sad part is, practically no one understood its meaning lol.

My only gripes were minor as well. I wanted to see Colossus not be a push over or maybe speak once or twice haha.

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I don't remember the scene, but I was told a couple times that at the end of X3 Charles actually is hinted at still being alive.

I'm not really willing to rewatch it to find out, but there is an answer.

I still think people are underrating it. The transitioning between the past/future in the 3rd act was freaking flawless. You cared about what was happening to both at the same time. That 3rd act was just completely brillaint.

Like I said, I think its the only film since TDK that has a shot at making some noise at the Academy this year.

@lvenger said:

Also, which emotional scene featuring Xavier were you talking about?

They were all fucking amazing. The Charles/Magneto scene in the plane. The Charles/Wolverine/Charles one was amazing.

Also, I forget where he says it, but McAvoy's line of "I didn't trade my powers for my legs, I traded my powers so I could sle----"...it was absolutely perfect.

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@theacidskull: continuity is the biggest problem that gets in the way of story telling

people should learn not to care and just enjoy. :p

your friends are n00bs

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@theacidskull said:

Finally saw this movie, and kinda letting it sink in, it's good, definitely, but is it great?

Can't say right now.

you take forever dude. I've all ready since like 3 movies since then.

Yes its great. People still not realizing it for whatever reason. Its far and away the best Marvel film by any of the three studios.

The acting, directing, story telling and cinematography is near-genius.

I hold it on the same level as TDK. Its a lot more well rounded than TDK in any case, just doesn't have the same peaks (also not the low valleys).

Again, there is really only nitpicks to make here.

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i said i do this after my cbm movie contest...i guess it took me long enough.,.. im almost ready to start this years

you should wait until after GotG comes out just so its all inclusive,

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I agree with you that this was the best movie in the X-Men franchise so far, although I didn't think it was perfect, it came closer than anything before. My own personal rating was 4 and 1/2 STARS as I had just minor issues with stuff.

Call me an optimist that I'm hoping that a future X-Men movie will hopefully exceed Days of Future Past.

I don't think it was perfect, I jsut don't have any major issues with the film. I have some nitpicky stuff as mentioned but almost every film has that

I really don't like rating things out of 5. If it was a 10 system I would give it a 9.5/10. Very, very good movie.