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I agree with Acer,personally I think  Gabriel will return in the end to help Dean and Sam,maybe Sam will say yes to Lucifer and Dean to Michael and toward the end of the season Sam/Lucifer and Dean/Michael will have a battle wich will decide the fate of the world,man can't wait for the next episode.

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maaan this is getting more interesting can't wait to see the premiere on Friday 25th.

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Well I'm hoping Season 9 wont be the last.There's so much more to show.I'm hoping that Kara will returns at least as a guest star like how Kristin Kreuk(Lana) was in Season 8.About Lex,it wasn't a big secret that he hasn't died.We all knew that Lex can't go out from the show like this  :D   
If they keep Clark wearing that S symbol with his coat in the end we can even see the original superman costume than the show will stay  because a lot of people would watch it than. 
I hope there'll be more.
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The trailer looks awsome and bad@ss. 
I was waiting for Clark to wear the costume and i like the idea of the black long coat and blue "S" symbol on it.I'm not that excited about Zod.Brian Austin Green plays Metallo!?Well that's an interesting idea and fits for the role perfectly.It's also good to see a little bit more Clark/Lois romance.I heard that Allison Mack will leave the show after Season 9 comes to end. Overall I think that this season will be one of the best season's so far.Lookin' forward to it :)
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WOW just WOW man can't wait for this and finally the suit is on :)
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Personally I'm glad that Justin Hammer won't be an old man.Sam Rockwell matches perfectly the role of the millionaire villain.Justin teaming up with Whiplash?Wow,that's a good idea.I'm really glad that the role went to him.Mickey Rourke's Whiplash?Well I'm not to excited about it.Anyhow I'm excited about it and hope he won't die in the end of the movie.

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I'm looking forward to see her in action.I never tought that she could be a good Black Widow until I saw the first pic about her in Iron Man 2.Too bad she can't return but I hope she'll at least will make a guest apperance in the upcoming Avengers movie. 
Can't wait for Iron Man 2.I have  a feeling that somehow the 2nd film won't be that good as the first one.Transformers 1 was awsome but the 2nd one was a bit...well not that good.But who knows maybe Iron Man 2 will have a  major succes.Spider-Man 2 was a big succes as well.
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Hmmm It would be a good idea rebooting the whole Superman Saga and Brandon Routh would be great to play Clark Kent.I really loved his Clark in Superman Returns.Also if Smallville ends with it's Season 9 making a movie wich follows the show's storyline would have a big succes I think. 
About the origin,well some fans would be really pissed off if they change his origin story. 
Anyhow,I'm looking forward to see what will happen with this iconic superhero in the near future.
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