A New Beginning

What effect does power have on men? What does it change inside them? Does it cause them to do things they would never do? Does power really have that much effect on men?

It was a dark, silent night, in the streets of Manchester, England. Alexander the newest tourist, took pictures of the beautiful lights in the sky and some buildings as he passed them. His ‘vacation’, or time away from the usual Loner’s and Martial City, had gone quite well actually, no it had gone perfect. He met wonderful people like the Nippon Emperor, Shinji. Though Alexander could not understand his reason for his ritual suicide, because the Emperor was quite a nice gentlemen, besides him throwing out Alex because of a misunderstanding. Another wonderful person was, Jacques Martin, (Who unknown to Alex was actually the legendary Cajun himself Gambler.) He was actually nice, and also very interested in the pictures Alexander took of the Nippon Empire, Alex thought he might just be thinking of going there.

That’s enough of the past events, let’s get to what recently has happened.

It was a dark, silent night, in the streets of Manchester, England. Alex Smith took pictures of each of the buildings he passed. “St..Hi...” The KO Kid heard a disgruntled shout from a far distance, he squinted in the direction of it, to see flashlights and a figure running. Alexander stepped to the side and forward to ask “What?!” Alex was shoved to the ground by a muscular man, Instinct kicked in reversing the shove and slamming him straight into the side of a building. The man was no amateur, he threw a haymaker, which missed, but his leg sweep it spot on. Alex fell, but bounced right back up. There was a gunshot, near the flashlights and a gun war was heard. Alex was hammering the criminal, when two guys grabbed him. Alexander not going down without a fight, began to warm his outer temperature. Just as the ‘runner’ swung at Alex the men let go. Their hands were a bit crispy and starting to burn. Alex caught the punch, and punched the man in the face three times. The man fell to the wall, “It’s me, or them.” The other men rushed towards Alexander, but were sent back by an electrical force field. ASAP, grabbed the man, by his nice suit, his grey and white hair shined from the energy surrounding them. Alexander sent a punch to the nose, another one, and with the final right, Alex felt his nose cram straight into the head, the man fell instantly his eyes were glazed and all the air from within escaped.

The electric shield dispersed and he turned to face the other guys, but they stood still. Not trying to get the next hit. That’s when Alex saw it with a flash of light, Alex was swarmed by 15 men at least. They grabbed him, covering his head and Alexander tried to fight but these men were no shucks. He was thrown into a vehicle and carried away. After that, there was no blows, no blood. He awoke in a dark room, and began shouting, “WHERE AM I?! WHERE AM I?! ANSWER ME!!!” His chair was bolted down and his hands were bolted to the chair. A light turned on, and a man with jet black hair walked out. “Who are you?” Alex asked aggressively. The man was quite smooth in response, “The question is not who I am? It’s who you are.” The man threw Alex’s wallet at him, with the everything in it. “We have resources, that are unimaginable, but you have no trace.” The man pulled up a chair, “Then you take out one of the most dangerous men, Carter.” Alex did not respond. “We have a little tradition here,” The man pulled out a large knife, with a little black logo, “The Black Dragon says though who takes out,” he placed the large knife against Alex’s throat, “the top takes his place.” The man had a sinister look in his eyes, but then it broke into a smile and he pulled the knife away. He grabbed a key from his coat, and released Alex.

Alex was in awe, “Who was the Black Dragon? What did this man mean? What kind of trouble was he in?” were questions that ran wild. Alex was ordered to follow the man, he followed close paranoid. They exited the room, to a balcony, but not before the man said, “and so you have taken out the top, and the cycle must continue.” They exited and what seems to be dark black room, all of sudden turned to hundreds of people when they rose with fist. The man with slicked back hair shouted at the top of his lungs, “THE BLACK DRAGON WILL RISE ONCE AGAIN!!” the people echoed, “THE BLACK DRAGON, THE BLACK DRAGON, THE BLACK DRAGON!!!” Their fists rose in the air, and they turned to look at Alexander, the power had consumed him bit by bit. The look in his eyes were like that of a man that felt untouchable. “THE BLACK DRAGON RISES AGAIN!!!” The people once continued to echo again.

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LMFAO, I liked the story; I'm curious to see how this new Alex will play a bigger part in the CVU.

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Just to epic-ly awesome..... Just too awesome...

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