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"Super Bio"

Name: Alexander Smith

As a young child he was taken away from his family because they were in debt to The Ringleader, so when it came to his 3rd birthday, The Ringleader took him away, his mom begged no! no! but he was taken away to live his life under The Ringleader and was given the name Alexander. For years he was put into training/torture to be put in The Ringleader's underground cage fighting he was trained to feel no pain, no remorse, no emotion.He finally reached his peak in strength speed durabilty and the Ringleader didn't think it was enough so him and his own scientist studied for a serum to make Alexander reach peak for not only himself but the peak of all humans. And when they discovered it they injected Alexander against his will they had strapped him down and injected him with it. When he was 16 years old he was put to fight against opponents twice his age, and twice his size. He was 18 when he captured the gold and for ten years he kept it but 4 years passed when The Ringleader began losing money so much he became in debt himself because the people bet on Alexander, he tortured Alexander night and day, he tried to destroy the very thing he created, When he was 28 he was beaten so heavily so brutaly that he was on the edge of dying, when he thought of it to escape to find his real family, the family he was taken away from, he escaped from his prison cell but henchman after henchman attacked him with swords and brass knuckles he defeated them though. he ran to the nearest city when he arrived at a bus stop he took a nap thinking it was safe,he had loss so much blood when he woke up he was in a hospital. He was shocked, He jumped out of his bed and ran out of the hospital looking at the building surrounding him, he was never let out of The Ringleader's mansion. It was a new world for him a new start. He searched for his family day after day, he asked around everyone he saw, when a stranger showed him the newspaper "old couple burned with house". he traveled to the ashes of the house when he saw it a headband from one of The Ringleader's henchman. From that day on he swore to revenge his parents death and anyone who he thought was in his away of acheiving his goal. A few months later, he had gotten so close to her, it seemed she made him forget all his pain, the girl who he saw spending the rest of his life with, her name was Serenity. One night they were on their date, when he was grabbed from behind, by The Ringleader's henchmen, he was then tasered, he passed out, and awoke in the very place he was trying to forget, the very place that had caused so much pain, The Ringleader's Mansion. There he was his so called creator, and he was shocked when he saw her staning right beside him, What was serenity doing here he thought. The Ringleader, laughed and then spat in his face. You! selfish ungrateful disgrace. You will pay! Alexander tried to break free from the handcuffs, he tried to get his hands on him, but they were to tight and seemed unbreakable. Alexander was then knocked out by The Ringleader's cane. he woke in a chair he couldn't move, he couldn't speak his mouth was taped his legs were cuffed to the chair. The Ringleader walked in front of him saying, You'll pay for what you cost me! The Ringleader ripped off the tape saying I want to hear you scream! He then put machine attached to the chair to max voltage. Alexander blacked out not remembering anything everything around him was destroyed people were all over the floor, but he saw no trace of The Ringleader or Serenity, he fled the scene, He ran through the streets of his new city, every light he passed, every building and electronics he came by blacked out, he had no idea how he had lived or what had happened, but he was going to find out.

Character: Human, present time, and neutral.

Powers: Martial artist, trained to physical peak of a human, excels in speed, strength, durabilty, and feels no pain.

CVnU Character

There is a dim room, inside is only a table and two chairs across from each other. In those chairs are two men, the first a classified fellow, there is no identification present on him. He wears shades and a suit, like any man in his line would do. On the other side of the table is a scientist, his ID reads Smith, he is a mid-aged man with glasses. The man with the shades, we will refer to as Agent and Smith will be referred to as Smith.

Survivors from incident: 1

Agent: “Once again, Smith tell about case: Prophet.”

Smith: “Case: Prophet, was a world plan to create and form weapons for mass protection and destruction when needed.”

Agent: “How did this work? who were the choices?”

Smith: “The patients were newborns or newborn should I say.”

Agent: “Explain.”

Smith: “Well, the newborns could not handle the serum and they simply died within days. Except for one, who would be later named Alexander Smith. Our ace if you would like to call him that.”

Agent: This serum, what was it? Also what happened to the patient who lasted it.”

Smith: The serum was to make a normal human to surpass the natural human capabilities, to make a human as superhuman as they could possibly be. He was smarter than a human, he picked up things faster than others, he was faster, leaving olympians in the dust with his speed. He was stronger capable of lifting weight, unbelievable to see. Simply he was better in every way possible.”

Agent: “And the patient?”

Smith: “...”

Agent: “The patient, Smith!”

Smith: “Well that’s why I’m the only one you’re talking to isn’t it? Alexander fought our telepathic hold on him, he murdered everyone, he became the havoc that governments whisper about wanting....We dreamed of creating a real life super human, one far powerful than any other human......and we succeeded.”

The Agent rose as Smith let off a little chuckle, he walked to the door, the pure chaos the Scientist has seen had broken him a bit and the Agent couldn’t let this get out.

There was a gunshot.

Survivors from Incident:....0....

Case: Prophet

Activity:FALLEN - (meaning not succeeding.)

Equipment: Alexander took all he could grab a hold of as he left the lab.

All of his equipment is linked to one another.

Alexander wields a Battle Sword which is capable of blending into his surroundings and capable of shocking those who touch it and are not the wielder (Alex). The Battle Sword has been tested and so far it seems unbreakable.

Alexander has Twin guns which to his choosing look like old revolvers from the West. As he used to read the stories of cowboys being outlaws and the final say. These guns may look old fashioned but they are up to date in firing and safety. He also has different bullets for different jobs.

Visor and Suit: He also has a suit that can blend in with its surroundings and very durable. The visor gives him vision in places when needed. Also so he can communicate with a base or team mates.

Powers: Smith is gifted with beyond human capabilities in strength, speed, agility, and also he excels in learning.

He is trained swordsman and marksman.

It is unsure what other abilities the scientists were trying to give him some may be locked at the moment. So throughout rpging he may develop powers, he did not know he had.

Accepted Name: Alexander Smith

Height: 6’2

Weight: 235+