most powerful comic book characters

top comic book characters (my opinion)

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Posted by Taylove

I know your not done yet?
Posted by Taylove

Real good list  I have a few more could had made this list.  Molecule Man    2.     Superman Prime          3.    Hyperstorm       4.      Martian Manhunter         5.  Korvac      6. Vulcan    7.  Exodus   8.  Blue Marvel    9.  Spawn  10.   Nova    

Posted by Pr_Beyonder

TOAA,Presence and Man of Mircacles should be in the top 4 below me >:D
Posted by Fortanono
@Pr_Beyonder: The Presence Isn't On The List! Put It On Now!
Posted by Pr_Beyonder
It's not my list =[]
Posted by Primebonnick

no molecule man, Thought robot, superman prime, Lucifer Morningstar Michael demiurgos, Mr Mxy

Posted by Petey_is_Spidey

Dark phoenix shouldn't be here.

Posted by Darkseidis

Nekron beat the anti monitor so he should be here and precence should be number 1.

Posted by AdmiralNAkbar

@Darkseidis: Yeah when Anti Monitor was basically stripped of everything he had and Anti Monitor was only teleported.

Posted by LordGalactus

Is this supposed to be in order? If so Thor should be alot lower and the Celestials and Tyrant higher. You also skipped number 9. Other than that, great list!

Posted by Arzix

You should've put The Prescence and TOAA in a tie at number one.

Posted by clownprinceofcrime1995

And Mxy pimp slaps half of these into Disney world, turns the rest into portaloos