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Strength feats?

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How are his strength feats at normal size? Being that he has size manipulation abilities.

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Whats the difference between psionic and energy based constructs? Psionics is forming constructs with your mind, isn't that the same thing as Green Lantern's ability to create energy based constructs with willpower??
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  • Which do you think will win doesn't necessarily have to be from any particular universe any one you want such as marvel's cosmics or dc cosmics. Also supernatural beings such as Ghost Rider, Spawn, Hellboy, Malebolgia, Violator, Mephisto, Satan, Lucifer Morningstar etc. Cosmics to me are space oriented such as cosmic energy, blackholes, stars, galaxies, time. Cosmic beings tend to be able to bend space and time. Supernatural beings are magical, mystic, demonic, ghostly, angelic, godly etc. To me supernatural have the upperhand because they have extremely powerful realtiy warping powers and are unpredictable and immortal. Though the cosmics show more of a purpose for the universe to exist and are more important so they cant die either because they are embodiments. Overall which do you like better and is more powerful, I think supernatural is in my opinion.

Cosmic beings examples:
- Parallax 
- Galactus 
- Living Tribunal 
- Beyonder 
- Anti-Monitor 
- Phoenix Force 
- Death 
- In-betweener 
Supernatural beings examples: 
- Mephisto 
- Satan 
- Lucifer Morningstar 
- Spectre 
- Malebolgia  
- Violator 
- Hellboy 
- Spawn 
- Ghost Rider 
- Man of Miracles  
- Etrigan 
- The Presence 
- Blackheart 
- Michael Demiurgos 
Cosmic powers: 
 Reality and time bending powers 
 Immortality due the fact of purpose 
 Cosmic energy manipulation 
 Universal manipulation  
 Dark matter and energy manipulation
Supernatural powers: 
Illusion casting 
Darkness manipulation  
Soul absorption



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I think it is interesting that the Elder gods can degenerate into demons but if you think about it that concept makes no sense. I thought that angels become demons? Well the mythological gods did not create the angels the biblical god in fiction did. Well basically fallen angels are demons.
Set- demon/god
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   Would Ghost Rider's penance stare in a fight with Spawn kill him. He soul to Malebolgia so doesn't that mean he technically has no soul anymore.

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I guess the angel of death in the bible. Why are fictional depictions of the Grim Reaper so weak??
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Grim Reaper, the angel of death faces off with Thor. Battle takes place in the Underworld. 
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You have to admit the Ghost Rider's penance stare is one of or probably the most powerful moves of all time. Making the enemy feel the pain of everything they have ever done. That is creative and badass. It also sort of religious in a way do you think there is a better power than this one?
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Probably the giant mutated plant the Biollante. Godzilla got beat the hell up by the plant. But Godzilla most of the time has kicked the crap out of anything in his path. There's others like Mechagodzilla 3, Destoroyah, Space Godzilla, Orga. Godzilla in final wars was a beast he beat up every monster even the wannabe American Godzilla.