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@lagozzino: Totally agree that her guest spots were WAY better than her as a companion. And while I also agree that they did a bait and switch for the 50th Anni episode, I'm glad Moffat didn't try to come up with some b.s. to go to the alternate reality with Rose and human 10th.

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This show's quality has taken a nose dive the last couple of seasons. Here's hoping Clara isn't written like total garbage/is actually used well this season.

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Can't wait until the pilot leaks!

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Hell has frozen over. Tumblr must be losing their shit.

New costume looks really great. I'll be giving this a shot.

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When I saw the headline I was (jokingly) hoping it was James Robinson. Dropped this book after #16 and still have zero interest in returning.

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Damn you internet! I got all hyped for Ted Kord.

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The Flash pilot was everything I could have asked for, AND THEN SOME. We're talking at least Arrow S2 levels of quality here. I couldn't contain my excitement watching it and can't wait for it to get underway. I'm going to buy some Flash books next time I get paid to get hype.

Constantine was okay? I guess? Watching it directly after Flash probably didn't help, since that's coming from an established tv universe and a group of people that have learned a lot from Arrow. Constantine definitely felt like a pilot. But things were set up nicely and my fingers are crossed that it's great and does well.

I have almost zero hope for Gotham, but I'll end up watching it anyway.

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I'm disappointed these figures don't have ankle rockers. The newer DC figures (ie - the Arkham Origins line) have them so there's no excuse for these not having them. I'll eventually get Riddler (by far the best figure of him ever released) and maybe a Talon, but not until they come down to ~$15. I've also heard this line has terrible quality control, partially because DC was cheap and used clear joints.

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That's unfortunate

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For a boring episode of Arrow (and lets be honest, those have been few and far between this season) a ton of awesome stuff happened. Except Laurel. Please die, no love, me and everyone else watching this show.

For this technically being part 2 to a four part finale, I am okay with (and it makes sense) this just dealing with the last bombshell and setting up the craziness that'll happen in the last two eps.