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Crafting An Antagonist 0

Having done some magnificent character-building in the last book, Head Games instead shifts its focus to its late-introduced villain and to better establish this character and what effect it will have on the story as a whole. A necessary aspect of telling a story, although not necessarily a pleasant one (in how it makes you feel).The beauty of this villain who I will call Dodge for the sake of simplicity (I'm not sure what their actual name is) is that there's no sympathy for them which is how I...

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I Think I Might Be Blown Away 0

I've heard a random comic fan here and there mention Locke & Key (I always want to spell it Locke & Keye) as a great comic but I kind of just pictured something like all those modern horror movie franchises that I've never watched or had any interest in (specifically Silent Hill, probably because IDW also publishes those). But at the recommendation of this site's own longbowhunter I decided to pick up the first trade, and wow, this was waaaaaaay better then I ever expected.While it does ...

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Still Not Convinced... 0

Maybe I just read the first three trades all too fast or I'm just missing something but this series really isn't consistently keeping my interest. In the long run, this is only supposed to be the first fifth of the series (according to the volume page on this website anyways) but I'm not sure if I want to commit to any more, it really shouldn't take this long to get a single moment from the comic to make it all worth it.The book does too much jumping around as if it's all building up to somethin...

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Now This is More Like It! 0

While I found the first arc of this series to be a letdown, this second arc makes up for it and is much more what I was hoping for from this series. Abandoning several of the aspects of the series that I hadn't been enjoying and going into one of my favorite comic formats, this trade definitely strives to please!I absolutely love single-issue stories in comics (when done well of course) and I think the concept of using them to get close to characters is a perfect one and it was well done in this...

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I Think I'm Late to the Party 0

I know the Morning Glories craze has probably come and gone already but I have been intrigued by this book since I first saw some promos for it, somehow in all that time I never even learned what the premise of the book was but I convinced myself I was going to read it eventually and now, here I am. Having read the first six issues and planning on reading more...that said, I think right off the bat I'd like to say I'm not excited to read more.With everyone loving this book so much I might have l...

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