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Her costume is way too revealing to qualify as steampunk! I think Lady Mechanika is the perfect example because the Victorian-era dresses are kind of an essential part of the steampunk concept (not that Grimm would necessarily care about that).

Also, Captain Swing was a recent steampunk series. I would think comics would want to take advantage of the genre more often as it seems the perfect medium (aside maybe film) to capture the gorgeousness and possibilities of a steampunk world.

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Adventure Time is amazing and I love it but I had to pick SpongeBob because that's what I watched when I was actually of a semi-appropriate age to be watching cartoons and I can't get rid of the nostalgia factor it will always have.

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Don't be so pessimistic, I mean you'd probably have to say what comics you like so anyone could tell where he got the idea you'd like it from but the book wouldn't have been successful for over ten years (which very few comics have ever been) if it wasn't good by a majority opinion.

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@judasnixon said:

Some people don't know what the word "homage" means...

Well you can always look it up on Google if you don't know, it's kind of cool actually, see?

Although, I don't think that was the original cover to Lord of the Flies, according to Wikipedia at least the one on the right was:

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Oh wow, that's really beautiful, I'd gladly hang on her up in my apartment!

And if that's a quick sketch I'm wondering what happens when you put in some time :P

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I think that It-Girl cover is the best of the above-listed, of all of them it makes me most want to read the comic to have some frame of reference for what is going on!

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The real question to me is why would anyone ever want to be uber rich? The notion of having money you aren't using is beyond my realm of understanding. Rich people should be free to make mistakes just like everyone else, as @inferiorego: says, they just shouldn't be held above the law. Anything beyond that is restricting personal freedoms. As for those rich people who say they would be fine paying more taxes, etc. They have every capability to give their money to whatever cause they can imagine, so if all they do is talk, clearly they don't actually want to.

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Goddess of Delight/Delirium

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But, who wouldn't commit a few crimes to be as beautiful as Wonder Woman? I do think it's a silly motivation for a super-villain though but maybe because I've never really bought into the whole idea of an "arch-foe" or "nemesis" unless they have some actual history together in another life (like how in Smallville, Lex Luthor's grudge against Clark built over years). The idea of holding a grudge against some specific hero for a petty reason just makes villains seem unoriginal and subhuman, They need to be written like real people that just happen to be on the "wrong side" instead of being a hero's supporting cast. So no, I don't think envy of beauty is a good motivation for a villain, for a thief or a murderer definitely but I think you need more than that to turn to a life of crime in costume.

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I think it's because if you are going to control birds, you should just control all animals. I think the reason people find a character like Aquaman silly is because he just does fish, and the same image would affect a character who just had birds at their disposal. I mean really!

You need to evolve the idea beyond "avian manipulation" if you want a cool super-villain like that guy in Ex Machina.