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Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!! And there's this song that's supposedly by her (it's a leak so it's unsure and I think it doesn't exactly sound like her) that I HAVEN'T been able to get out of my head.

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pixelized said:
"was that a song of 2008??? i hated the cut off dates for the music, some of those songs are ancient. "4 minutes" by Madonna... Anything Duffy sings... amongst others."
Yeah but it aired mostly in the spring so it feels like forever ago. =/ Eh... (nothing else I can say). ;P

BTW Did you see/like the video?
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I wanted Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" to win. =[

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Stem Fae
In the Stem universe, Fae was originally a simple elemental sorceress rather than a Faerie/human hybrid. She lived reclusively in a large forest in Northern Canada, willingly exiled from society and depending only on nature to live a peaceful live. After her home forest was completely ravaged to make room for some dubious, secretive factories and industries, however, Elizabelle turned to harsher forms of magic, using her mystical powers to avenge the destruction of her forest. Realizing Man had grown greedy and cared not for Nature anymore, she joined H.E.A.T. as a merciless mercenary, growing more and more violent in her quest to make Man pay for his sins against Mother Nature.

Vine Counterpart: Prima
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Girlicious ft. Flo Rida - Liar Liar

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Katy Perry - Ur So Gay

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My childhood stories crushed before my very eyes! V__V

So, wait, I'm confused: Should I make a deal with the devil to get what I want or just wait for a fairy godmother to come and make my dreams come true anyways? Can I do both to get twice the benefits?

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Oh noes! I'm sorry for your loss. =/

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Not bad. Blue contacts would make her the perfect match.

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Hmmm I'll think about it, then. ^^