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A Fresh Start or the Same Old Garbage? 16

A bit of context before we begin; Batman/Superman (Superman/Batman) is a series that really hasn't had any right to exist since its inception. Jeph Loeb's initial run was awful, and this was while he still had some credibility to his name; so the series really started off badly and never picked up steam. The best issue was actually a Halloween special with Damian Wayne and Supergirl. That's right, the best issue of Superman/Batman featured neither titular character. Essentially this was one of t...

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What Do Nightmares Fear? 0

Peter David's Hulk is generally considered the defining saga for the character. Now as I'm just starting it, and my knowledge on Hulk is not so expansive that I can offer a proper opinion, I will just say that so far, it has been a terrific read. The reason I am reviewing this issue in particular is because of its nature as a standalone story (coming before the crossover with X-Factor).As usual, I like to get the art critique over quickly because, quite frankly, I'm no artist and don't really fe...

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A Magnum Opus of Mediocrity 30

SPOILERSYes, I'm back to reviewing, mainly because the few intelligent readers on this site deserve to read something from a Bat-fan who actually knows what they're talking about.First of all, the art is decent. Nothing incredible, occasionally painful for the eyes, but mostly solid. Anyway, onto what matters; the story.It's no secret that Scott Snyder's Batman run is pathetically derivative. Every issue reads like Snyder has just finished another, better work and just decided to rip it off. Thi...

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Better, but Still Not Good 0

Big Spoilers, not that there's a lot to spoil;    This issue actually started off OK, (especially considering the last two woeful instalments). Basically just a generic intro to Wonder Woman that fills in all the "she's badass" cliches of military men explaining what she's done. We also see that her handler, Steve Trevor, doesn't like her that much and the feeling is mutual. Nothing interesting, but nothing grossly offensive either.   Cyborg is now made partially of Apokoliptian tech too, for s...

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Drawn by an Expert, Written by a Fanboy 0

FTBB comes back for a review, after months on hiatus. Now, as many of you may know, I'm something of a DC Fanboy. Not a moronic one, mind you, I just prefer DC to the other companies. That's in no small part thanks to the amazing team known as the Justice League. What we have with this issue is not the Justice League; we have a series of disconnected characters with no real personalities in flashy costumes arguing about who has the bigger d*** (the answer is Batman, of course).   Geoff Johns goe...

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Typical Millar 0

I'm so happy I get to be the first one to write a review for this "comic", so I can accurately tear it down before anyone else. First of all though, Leinil Yu's pencils are beyond phenomenal, particularly during the opening pages where the colouring is at its peak. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I was so mesmerised by the art of an issue. He's the only reason this book doesn't get  a zero, but I can't bring myself to allocate more than one and a half stars for art alone.    Anyway, on ...

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The Worldbreaker is back 0

For the past few months, Pak and Loeb have seen Skaar and Banner go through the tumultous sagas Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks. Personally, I thought both of these arcs were gigantic wastes of time and an insult to the Hulk and Banner. I have not enjoyed anything to do with the colour Red inside of a Hulk book either, but I loved Pak's Father and Son arc of Inc. Hulk, so the post-WWH Hulkverse is a little hit and miss for me, mostly miss.   And then we had #611. Wow. Just freaking wow. Th...

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Superman 701 0

I was trying to think of something witty for the title of this review, but I couldn't really come up with anything, and I suppose that has much to do with how I felt after reading this issue. JMS is a fantastic writer who has been commended on his ability to revitalise what could otherwise be thought of as stale. Whether you enjoy this approach to story-telling, I don't think there is a single comic reader out there who could say they don't love as least some of JMS' work.   Anyway, onto the act...

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Another Issue, Another Reason Not To Care 0

Bendis and Romita's first issue of 'Avengers', didn't really grab me for a variety of reasons, but it didn't offend me too much either. It just kind of existed in my pile of comics. Anyway, I got over the few faults and gave the issue 3 stars or something.  This issue, however, is totally ridiculous.  First of all, it should be noted that I think Bendis' treatment of the Sentry is the single worst piece of comic book writing ever. Not only did he treat the character with total contempt, but his ...

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No Matter When, No Matter Where, No Matter How Dark 0

What is Batman? Is it a rich boy's cry for help? A psychotic's desperate masquerade at some kind of sanity? An insecure little man clinging to relevance in a world of gods? Is he a hero? A vigilante? A knight of shadows? Or the only light left in a dark world?   To me, Batman is the greatest fictional character ever created, he is all of the above, he is none of the above. As Grant Morrison shows us, Batman is a person, he is an icon, he is a symbol, he is a myth, he is one man, he is many. A lo...

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Ghost Rider Goes Ultimate 0

First of all, Ghost Rider could appear on Play School and use the "time-out stare" and he would still be the most badass Marvel character ever. So, realistically, putting him in a book about a bunch of annoying, angry, whiney assassins is a sure-fire hit, right?   Actually, yeh. Ghost Rider rules. It's a fact. Everyone else in this series, with the exception of Hawkeye, is a giant jaghole. I know they're meant to be hardcore assassins, but aren't I still supposed to care about these people? I wa...

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No One Cares, Firestorm 0

First of all, as you can see from the title of my review, I really don't care for Firestorm. It's not that I have anything against the character, it's just that I find his story to be beyond dull. This issue is about revelations and surprises for the characters...except Firestorm. Honestly, I wish his story would get to the point already.   Anyway, on to the rest of the issue. This is the third issue of the Brightest Day series, and the second best issue so far. Not as good as #1, but better tha...

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Beneath it all, he's still a father 0

"Shut Up".   Beautiful, just beautiful. I don't think I can sum the issue up better than with those words of Logan's. The whole world is going to hell, and Wolverine tells the complainers to "shut up". Craig Kyle and Chris Yost "shut up" for almost half the issue, and let Mike Choi handle it. And handle it he does. I've always been a fan of Choi's art, and though it sometimes loses its consistency, no one can argue that it doesn't look mighty fine. So cheers to Choi for bearing the majority of t...

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A more gothic Gotham 0

Once again, Grant Morrison has evaded my expectations. Every time I think I know what he's going to do, he does something entirely different. Love him or hate him, he is undeniably a genius.   Anyway, on to the Return of Bruce Wayne #2. When Final Crisis ended, everyone wondered "why didn't Darkseid just fry him? This is lame." Well to those people, this issue, Grant Morrison says "that's why", and damn is it satisfying.   When Grant Morrison would say that he had his entire Batman saga planned ...

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The End to the War 0

SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Let me quickly just say that I love Superman, and I love the Superman family. The ENTIRE Superman family, once you've read this issue, you'll understand why I highlighted ENTIRE, because not all of the family makes it through in a satisfying way.  This is the weakest issue of the series, as is often the case with multi-part epics, see: Siege. When all is done and dusted, Earth has won the day (like you didn't know that was going to happen), most of th...

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There are thousands of Kryptonians; there's only one Superman 0

This was a quick read. There isn't much dialogue, just various spats of information regarding the Kryptonian invasion. This may sound detrimental, but I think it works. It adds to the hectic nature of the War.  Everyone has their parts to play this issue, particularly Flamebird, who delivers one of the most heroic acts we've seen in a Superman book in a long while. Nightwing (Chris Kent) also gets a good showing, one that leaves many questions to be answered in the future. And I am really lookin...

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The Return of the Real Avengers...Sort Of 0

Before you get all mad that I gave this issue 3 stars, I urge you to read my reasons why.   It's no secret that I hated Siege, and it's less of a secret that I'm disillusioned with the Avengers franchise as of late, nevertheless, I was pumped for this. Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man? Count me in.   I have a sincere question. Why is Wolverine on this team? Secret Avengers? Yes. New Avengers? Little more obscure, but ok. But the Avengers? The spotlight team? No....

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Tis a Bright Day Indeed 0

First of all, the David Finch cover (which is magnificent) and its accompanying subtitle are seriously misleading. If, like me, Aquaman and Mera are your favourite characters of Brightest Day and you were expecting a big showing of them, you are going to be disappointed. They appear only once, and only for about a third of a page, however that third of a page is nevertheless quite intriguing.   As usual, the art in these Brightest Day issues is exceptional, and #2 is no exception. There are no c...

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Astonishingly Average 0

I got to go into the city today, so I picked up a few more books that I didn't have time to get the other day, Xenogenesis was one of them.  First of all, I love Whedon's Astonishing run, and Ellis' run has had its up and downs. Anyway, on to this issue.   The art, as many have said, is somewhat jarring. Emma and Storm are both sporting looks that are...unique, to say the least. The male characters are solid enough, but there is certainly something off about the females. I'm not sure if it's jus...

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The End of the Dark Age 0

So, yeah. That was my reaction to DA #16. This is set after Siege #4, so technically, you should read that first, but I don't recommend it.  Ok, obligatory Siege #4 hate out of the way, onto Dark Avengers #16. A very interesting issue in the respect that it seems to not really need to exist. I only say that, because this is the sort of thing that should have been in the last issue of Siege. But you know, such is life.  Basically, H.A.M.M.E.R is dismantled and all its operatives arrested, though ...

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All's Fair... 0

What an issue!  I was surprised, first and foremost, with Kara's involvement. I thought for sure that she would get so mad at Earth that she would side with New Krypton and fight Superman in a big clichéd drag-out fight. Forunately, though they came to blows, there was a real heartfelt moment between the two and Supergirl returned to the home team. Awesome.   Next, we see the Earthbound Super Squad are ready to invade the Human Defence Corps. Oh, and Lois is kidnapped by her sister and brought t...

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You'll want to read this Speedster slowly 0

Forgive the lame heading, but whatever.   I grew up with Wally West, so I'll always love him the most, but I still hold great respect for Barry Allen, as do Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.   What an outstanding issue. We are given a nice showing of why the Rogues (ok, so they're not the actual Rogues, but close enough) are indeed a dangerous group and why they should be considered top-notch villains. We get a really cool piece on Captain Boomerang, who one gets the feeling may become a serious ...

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Wow, not what I expected 0

Ok, so this issue was far better than I thought it would be. I liked the time-travelling idea, but I was a little antsy about this time period; the Caveman era. Yet, one should never lose faith in Grant Morrison. The story builds upon itself, there's no prior continuity to play around with or use to help out, which means Morrison is building a world, characters and having a resolution in 38 pages (because the last few aren't set in this era). Quite an achievement.   Chris Sprouse's pencils can b...

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This is how you write the Sentry, Bendis, you half-wit 0

Thank you, Paul Jenkins! Are you the only person at Marvel who knows how to write him? Well, yes, you are. This is a true expression of what the Sentry was, and what his struggle meant to everyone around him. Guys like the Thing and Tony Stark reckon they have problems? Yeh, not even close. Robert Reynolds was an honest-to-God good human being, who always tried to help others, even when it meant forsaking all he had ever done.   And Siege tried to destory all of that. But Jenkins has persevered,...

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If I could give it zero, I would 0

SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW  This was, undoubtedly, the worst comic I have ever read, and I've read Loeb's Hulk. There is not an ounce of reverence for any character in this book. First of all, "Norman Osborn and his Avengers will pay for their crimes" so says the Government. Um, you morons are the ones who gave them power in the first place! You don't just get to blame them now it's all done. No accountability for the Government. Next, all the heroes are best friends again. Last I checked, Tony still ...

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