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@guardiandevil83: When someone is worth admiring in the current state of the industry, it's best to admire them fervently.

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@guardian_of_gravity: ....time's a guy? O_o

He/she doesn't ship Scott and Jean though, just Jean and being right.

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@time: Yeah, he's alive because of her... they're superheroes, they're all alive because of each other. That's a completely pointless argument.

And I said that he ran away, see time, your problem is that you see the pretty pictures and get a few of the words together and think you understand what's going on. Then you make the same ridiculous threads over and over and never quite grasp that what you're spouting is completely idiotic.

Jean wanted Cyclops to open up, but he couldn't because she wouldn't accept it. She'd held him back his entire life, forcing him to define his life by hers. Emma let his be his own person. That's why Jean, after getting a moment of clarity, pushed Scott to be with Emma, because being with Jean was a redundancy that prevented growth. LIKE JEAN IS AS A CHARACTER. Of course, this is eloquent deconstruction and metaphor, so it's waaaaaaaaaay beyond anything else the X-Men have seen. Cyclops is a terrible husband, no one denies that, but Jean Grey fans fail to see her as the story-cancer she is, because that implies she's something other than the perfect Mary Sue.

Wolverine being the cashcow of the X-Men means exactly nothing. Characters like Logan, Storm, modern Rogue, Jean, modern Iceman, are the reason that the X-Men is a dying franchise, because they're not mutants, they're supermodels with powers. Logan actually is a "normal" guy in terms of physical appearance, but gets unfortunate writer bias causing him to be some kind of casanova despite being a completely repugnant human being. Cigar and alcohol smell delightful, apparently. The X-Men is about different people who are openly discriminated against. Cyclops is a person that would have had a great normal human life, only he was born a mutant, and thus a danger to everyone around him. He's exactly what the X-Men are about. As was Morrison's run.

You don't get it because you're not capable. Comments like this show it, what kind of an idiot would say "Jean Grey was hurt too" AFTER SHE JUST MINDRAPED SOMEONE.

They checked up on Emma because she was just, you know, savagely assaulted by Jean because she had the audacity to fall in love with Jean's estranged husband.

You don’t think Jean Grey was hurt to see Cyclops with Emma, seeing Emma dress in her Pheonix costumes, no cause Cyclops has never hurted Jean Grey before. You need to grow up a bit. Cyclops left, cause he was coward and didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, when he clearly was. He also was angry too. He wasn't the only one.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:

@frogdog: To be honest, the prequels are better then DBZ. I'm not one of those guys that hate them.

The EU prequel novels even moreso.

Revenge of the Sith novelation>>anything DBZ has ever produced

The RotS novelization is fantastic and infinitely superior to the film though, to be fair.

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Geoff Johns.

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@theacidskull: And Hope Estheim.

The worst character in the history of video games everything.

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@time said:

@fadetoblackbolt said:

@time said:

@fadetoblackbolt said:

See, time, this is why no one takes you seriously. Well, one of the reasons.

Bendis, Gillen, Aaron; the triumvirate of awful.

I don't mind Bendis. The issues I have with Grant Morrison, is he was naive and arrogant and he was disrespectful and he show that in his writing.

An that's your opinion.

What writer do you hate the most.

You know what else he showed? Intelligence and an understanding of the franchise and concepts involved that have been overlooked by every writer since the X-Men's inception.

The reason people don't like Morrison's work is because it's about mutants, when the Claremont fans have been reading Fantastic Four stories their whole lives.

He show also disrespect towards Jean and Cyclops character. He no understanding of there Marriage at all and he ignore all the other writers work in the past on there Marriage.

Just have to see it in his writing

The Physic affair that made no sense and it was very force.

After Jean humiliated Emma Frost, none of the X-Men showed any concern towards Jean Grey. Both Wolverine and Beast check up on Emma, not Jean. Which is strange,cause they care about more about Jean, then Emma. Then Wolverine check on Cyclops.

Then Cyclops and Jean share no feelings or thoughts throughout the whole series, which is something they usually do, throughout history of X-Men comics. When Jean Grey discovers truth and confronted them, did they have any contact afterwards, it was only till her death. Did they speak

There there was Here comes tomorrow, apparently there would be no future for X-Men or mutants without Cyclops. What a load of rubbish

You know what I could go on. .

You could go on, you'd keep talking nonsense, but I have no doubt you could continue.

Jean and Scott's marriage was always a sham. She wanted a little boy she could keep in her pocket who would always be there for her to lean on, while she went around and did whatever she felt like. She didn't love Scott Summers, she loved the idea of him loving her no matter what. Then she's surprised by her husband pulling away after he goes through an existential and emotional crises like having his mind-raped by Apocalypse. Then he's coerced into sex by his therapist, which people say is a "psychic affair" which amounts to "masturbating over someone who's thinking about you" and means freaking nothing. "Oh Jean, was a telepath, it means more to her." Most idiotic statement said regarding the whole thing. They checked up on Emma because she was just, you know, savagely assaulted by Jean because she had the audacity to fall in love with Jean's estranged husband, meanwhile, Jean's throwing her crotch at Wolverine every time he sniffs around, which is often. Then Cyclops left, because he wasn't sure what was going on his own head, and he ran away. Then Jean made out with Logan, died and came back. because that's all her character ever does. Then she died for good. It was awesome.

You know why there's no X-Men without Scott Summers? Because he is the X-Men. You take away him and you diminish the franchise. It's like having the Fantastic Four without Sue Storm and Mister Fantastic (oh wait, they did that, it sucked). Why do modern X-men comics suck? Because Cyclops is written completely out of character, and the house of cards falls down along with him.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:

lol did someone seriously compare Star Wars to DBZ? Really? I'm just going to leave this thread.....

It's alot better than the prequels, or any of force unleashed games...

That's like comparing Empire Strikes Back to Broly: tLSS. You don't pick and choose comparisons.

Yeah you do. You pick and choose comparisons all the time otherwise you're comparing Stonehenge to Boy Meets World and everything just stops making sense.

Within the context of the previously decided upon comparable items. Come on, DE. That's a lack of intuitive leap akin to a Bendis-fan right there.

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@theacidskull: It has to be played to be believed. I say "played" but really I mean "run in a straight line and try to not kill yourself whenever Hope is on screen"