The 52 are all here &I can't believe Aquaman#1 is my fave

I was skeptical when I heard about this relaunch (not a reboot is what everyone at DC is saying but it kind of is) and after all the comics have come out, I'm still skeptical. Though skeptical I'm glad to say I liked more than disliked and I was rarely disappointed. Seeing the list of #1's prior to Flashpoint #5 I chose the issues I had to have, those I would checkout, some that peeked my curiousoity and the rest, though I didn't buy or read all of them but a majority of the 52 I did. Of all the issues I "had to have" were all good or surprising (mostly not a bad thing) but the issues that I was either skeptical or curious about and some I had no interest in turned out to be some of the best and my favorites. SURPRISINGLY AWESOME: I, Vampire, All Star Western, Aquaman, Animal Man and Batwing just a few big surprises that I would have never given a chance, so even though you maybe hesitant give these titles (among others) a chance.

I know everyone is worried about continuity and determining what has still happened or whatever, I avoided thinking about that and read each thinking "they changed a lot but it's only the first issue." Geoff Johns or someone else at DC said no one would remember Flashpoint but in both of the "Legion" books Flashpoint was referenced, Flashpoint #5's final pages had Barry delivering the note Thomas Wayne wrote for Bruce and Barry remembered his life with his mom and that ominous message from the hooded lady who seems to be everywhere now has me thinking that maybe there might be another event coming and/or history will be cleared up in the coming issues. In stead of worrying about if Any of the Crisis's had happened (since before Flashpoint it seemed they barely happened) I went with what I knew: Swamp Thing and Eric Holland are around so Brightest Day happened and probably Blackest Night, nobody likes/trusts Sinestro as a GL and Hal is ringless so the Green Lantern history seems intact. I know its hard to ignore the fact that the comic history we have grown up reading had become muddled and confusing is now even more muddled and confusing with 52 new comic books but I realized if I really like the character or team their history isn't as important as their future.

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