Location, Location, Location

Other than Metropolis, Gotham, Coast City, Keystone etc. why are heroes only found in New York and L.A? I guess this is more of a Marvel issue but New York is the "home" of a bunch of heroes and is often the epicenter of the major battles or problems. The West coast has been the home to the Avengers, other teams (Runaways being my fave) and the occasional lone crime fighter. In the past several months it seems everyone is slowly making their way West, if I can recall correctly first the X-Men moved to San Fran then Utopia, now Moon Knight moved to L.A, then Daken and now Avengers Academy has uprooted and gone west. I say I don't care where they're at as long as the story/writing is good but I guess it does kind of bother me. Even though New York is huge but it is the home to so many heroes how can they not be constantly running into one another and "stepping on each others toes." Even Gotham has a handful of resident crime-fighters and/or vigilantes but it's still riddled with crime. If I was a criminal/villain and I wanted to do bad guy stuff I would make Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta or some other huge metropolitan area like that my stomping ground because I'm fairly certain they are lacking in super hero protection (I think the Initiative is disbanded other than the Heavy Hitters that protect Las Vegas). Why don't more heroes (or even villains) branch out? I feel writers should take advantage of this and have more heroes move to these less used cities. I feel Spider-Man is a staple of New York and thus stay there but if he or another hero like him were to move to Chicago or Atlanta I feel many stories could be written and a fresh take on a classic or popular character is often welcome and usually a good thing. I have always enjoyed X-Men but with the uttering of "no more mutants," the direction and "core" of every X book was changed as well as their home. Now the mutants reside on Utopia and before that San Fran and I feel this location and direction change has upset a lot of X fans. Even though I think this even after 50 + years in New York, Gotham and or Metropolis Batman, Superman, the Avengers, Daredevil and Spider-Man are as popular as ever and for the most part still featured in interesting and enjoyable stories so I suppose as long as the writing is good it doesn't matter where a hero or team call home.

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The 52 are all here &I can't believe Aquaman#1 is my fave

I was skeptical when I heard about this relaunch (not a reboot is what everyone at DC is saying but it kind of is) and after all the comics have come out, I'm still skeptical. Though skeptical I'm glad to say I liked more than disliked and I was rarely disappointed. Seeing the list of #1's prior to Flashpoint #5 I chose the issues I had to have, those I would checkout, some that peeked my curiousoity and the rest, though I didn't buy or read all of them but a majority of the 52 I did. Of all the issues I "had to have" were all good or surprising (mostly not a bad thing) but the issues that I was either skeptical or curious about and some I had no interest in turned out to be some of the best and my favorites. SURPRISINGLY AWESOME: I, Vampire, All Star Western, Aquaman, Animal Man and Batwing just a few big surprises that I would have never given a chance, so even though you maybe hesitant give these titles (among others) a chance.

I know everyone is worried about continuity and determining what has still happened or whatever, I avoided thinking about that and read each thinking "they changed a lot but it's only the first issue." Geoff Johns or someone else at DC said no one would remember Flashpoint but in both of the "Legion" books Flashpoint was referenced, Flashpoint #5's final pages had Barry delivering the note Thomas Wayne wrote for Bruce and Barry remembered his life with his mom and that ominous message from the hooded lady who seems to be everywhere now has me thinking that maybe there might be another event coming and/or history will be cleared up in the coming issues. In stead of worrying about if Any of the Crisis's had happened (since before Flashpoint it seemed they barely happened) I went with what I knew: Swamp Thing and Eric Holland are around so Brightest Day happened and probably Blackest Night, nobody likes/trusts Sinestro as a GL and Hal is ringless so the Green Lantern history seems intact. I know its hard to ignore the fact that the comic history we have grown up reading had become muddled and confusing is now even more muddled and confusing with 52 new comic books but I realized if I really like the character or team their history isn't as important as their future.

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Morpheus as Perry White is amazing

When I heard Mr. Fishburne was going to be in "Man of Steel" is was excited when I heard he was playing Perry White I was surprised but realized the two are a great match. I know Marvel and DC get crap about not having enough minorities or women as their stars, mainstays or "frontrunners" but I really like how Perry White, a white character for years, will be played by a black guy let alone by Morpheus himself. I've been reading comics for years and being white I find it odd some people are so bothered by racial or gender changes, I really like seeing this kind of change in classic characters or any character that is.I loved seeing Michael Clark Duncan as "Kingpin,"he is a great actor and fit the role physically perfectly (the Ultimate Universe really should have taken note and matched the portrayal) also Idris Elba as Heimdall was another great change.  Though some characters might be harder to accept or get used to, I suppose that may be why Miles Morales (the new Ultimate Spider-Man) has been in the news so much. I guess when a character has become so popular, iconic and famous changing them is considered blasphemy, characters like Batman, Superman or Captain America would be very hard to see as a minority since they have been around so long and have become established and iconic, it would be like McDonald's doing away with their golden arch or Target not using their target symbol anymore but sometime change can be hard to accept but I welcome it....most of the time. It's established characters like Spidey that create such buzz in the media and when a change occurs people freak, like giving Wonder Woman pants after all these years of bare legs (amongst other temporary costume changes) or years ago when Superman got his blue and white costume people freaked about their changes and those were only costume changes. Often change is feared and causes quite the outcry but sometime change is good I love Wonder Woman's pants look but hated the electric Superman look. I think it was kind of cool yet sad that Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man was a Yahoo! headline and was featured on several news networks (Lou Dobs show even...what a racist dosh bag) just because Spider-Man is black/Hispanic now. If you are reading this how did you feel about the news of Perry White, the new Spider-Man and how you feel about other changes to characters and such.

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Do super heroes where cups?

What is proper super hero wedgie removal etiquette?  The spandex has got to ride up
Can Lois be pregnant with Clark/Superman's baby? if she got a tan the baby kick a hole in her uterus
Since the "Flash Family" consists of super speedsters why do most of them wear boots? Don't their eyes hurt when they run?  Oww super speed chaffing 
How does Hawkeye, Green Arrow as well as other archers keep their arrows in their backpack/quiver when they're always jumping and flipping

What if a super speeder (on foot or flight) swallows a bug? (Think it would be like a bullet or delicious?) 
How can people like Batman or Spiderman still have teeth? They get punched in the face A LOT.
Why doesn't Spiderman wear some lightweight armor (bulletproof vest or something)? With as much as he falls and gets hit u would think he already does
Why do most female heroes wear some sort of heel?  Heels aren't easy to walk in, let alone fight in (i assume...)
Did Batman/Bruce Wayne build the bat cave himself  or did he outsource? Seriously, he and Alfred can't be building all those cars and toys
Does Jarvis get vacation time? Health insurance? Does he even get paid? 
So the JLA seems to know everyone's secret identity, why not the Avengers (I'm talking to you Spidey...they're all heroes)
How heavy is Captain America's shield and what happened to the other shields (I thought it was indestructible)?  
What if someone with a full mask like Spiderman or Black Panther throws in their mask? (Especially if they want their identity to stay secret)  

These are just some of the questions that have plagued me since i began reading comics in my younger years. I have a lot more but I will save those for another blog, I guess. What questions do you have? Hopefully we can find the answers to some of our questions.

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The trial of Zombie movies, why I love them and hate

  I love me some zombies in all facets of the media but there are always the cliches or problems, whatever you want to call them.  I love the classic zombie movies the original Night of the Living Dead (it was directed so well and then so unique then and groundbreaking because the lead hero was black and ppl were getting eaten) The original Dawn of the Dead was pretty good but the 2004 Zack Snyder remake (in my opinion) is superior, it (as well as 28 Days Later) helped reinvigorate zombie films. These movies finally gave us more action and suspense since the once nearly stagnate classic zombies, watching the slow zombies lumber around was scary at first but the same things kept happening in almost every movie and even as a kid I was annoyed and today all too predictable. People in these movies were so annoying and by the time i got to know the characters I'm hoping they get eaten or you can practically predict what will happen. So I submit to the comicvine court a list of zombie stuff that annoys me and should change.


EXHIBIT A: THE HERD OF ZOMBIES that is "unavoidable"

OK I'm pretty sure to avoid a lot of zombies you don't have to be a rocket scientist or a an NFL running back to get past or avoid these sloth like cannibals. They are only dangerous in groups and even...JUST GO AROUND, oh and how do these zombies always seem to come out of no where and sneak up on people? F&$#king ridiculous how do these lumbering (often groaning) zombies get the grace and stealth techniques to sneak up on anyone who is not deaf. But back to the fact that how do we always end up always seeing someone getting swarmed and have to watch from above as their screaming and reaching their hand up as they get pulled down or we watched as they get pulled away somehow as their innards are eviscerated. This is always what happens (even in the more modern zombie movies) these groups can be easily avoided with several easy steps: STEP 1: address the fact that there are multiple zombies in front of you then plan accordingly. STEP 2:  Decide if the zombies have seen you then choose how to proceed, SCENARIO A: if spotted and you are armed...RUN AWAY and if you are coordinated enough occasionally fire back but your goal should be to run away...these zombies are slow and bright. SCENARIO B: if you are spotted and you are unarmed...RUN AWAY but the trick is DON'T LOOK BACK these are not champion sprinters and in looking back you have a 98% chance of falling and thus being eaten. SCENARIO C: if you are not spotted...refer to A &/or B. STEP 3: SURVIVE damn-it, escape the d-bags, they're not blood hounds run, hide, assess and escape which equals survival!  


Someone in the group of survivors ALWAYS gets bitten or infected but 1 of 2 things usually happens a. they hide it or b. everyone knows but they think they're OK. 
VERSION A.) Someone will get bitten or slip in zombie goo and get infected but they keep it quiet....this happens all the time and usually the same thing happens the person gets all bitey and often gets a chunk of someone and a loved one tearfully kills them or something around those lines. Its so annoying how can someone in a zombie situation and especially in our society when zombies are pretty well known about since they're in all forms of media.  
VERSION B.) If a survivor is bitten and the bitten and group are aware of and know what is happening and going to happen to said bitten group member....why the hell do they let them stay, follow...THEN THEY'RE SHOCKED WHEN THEY TURN. Occasionally the person says shoot me if I turn but most of the time they all act like that person will be fine. Those that act like the infected will be fine deserve to be eaten by their friend. OK though I've never been in the situation I assume it's hard to kill your friend (or another human) but come on, knowing he or she will get all, "uuuuuuurgh.......aaaaahhhr.......brains," I would put them out of their misery, I know if was infected I'd ask to be killed so I wouldn't hurt my friends.  RARE VERSION) Rarely we get the smart, brave and realistic act in which the infected person stays behind to fight/sacrifice their self.

Whenever a zombie or zombies 1stshow up no one realizes that’s what’s up…they always seem to approach the infected and asking if they’re ok or something along this line. With the vast majority of zombie media you would think in movies the characters would realize that’s what is going on, but we are forced to watch the oh so familiar encounter which turns into a bite, a chase or a feeding frenzy. This is so stupid it’s just annoying like in slasher films when a person says “hello” when they think they’re not alone or something….are they expecting the burglars or killers to say hi or something, SO ANNOYING but it happens all the time. With all the zombie movies you would think movie makers would just quit doing this but I doubt it will come to an end. 


It’s understandable not taking time and aiming if ur being chased by zombies or something but u see ppl emptying clips into single zombies when 1 shot to the dome would suffice. This kills me, and pretty often the person shooting, while watching the Walking Dead, which is an amazing show u should be watching, u usually only see them pulling of headshots even during be scuffles or swarms. This is something I wish would be seen more often but I’m pretty sure bullet wasting is something we will always have tolerate. Just watch how many ppl just randomly shoot at zombies surrounding survivors…so annoying……….so very annoying.

Anything else u can think of? Let me kno what u think and if I missed anything.  


Why the push for "darker" comicbook movies?

The success of "The Dark Knight" has directors, film makers and others involved in ushering our favorite characters to the silver screen think every superhero film should be dark. Some characters should be shown a darker fashion, the theme, character(s), circumstances, story basically aspects that make the movie a movie characters that deserve the "dark" treatment can be Batman, the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, John Constantine (Hellblazer), these characters are based on darker elements like crime, violence/killing, Vampires (the real ones not the fruity sparkly abominations) and the paranormal. True some characters can be seen as dark but that all depends on the writer or story like Iron Man during "Demon in a Bottle" or other characters and their stories like that. I even read they were trying to make a dark Superman movie; the article even referenced The dark Knight, saying they wanted to make a grittier, darker Superman. He's called the Big Blue Boy Scout for crap sake, he saves cats from trees when he isn't beating the hell out of Brainiac or Doomsday. Superman isn't as golden age-ish as he once was but he still seems like it, calling people "citizen," saving kids then lecturing them but even now in the new "Grounded" story arc it really shows how he is like the peoples hero. Supes has always been a role model type hero, he has never been considered a vigilante, wanted by the cops or considered a menace. The X-Men and the Hulk deal with darker issues and subjects, but they aren't often considered "dark," but its not unheard of. The x-Men movies have been pretty good (except the 3rd) but even though they deal with hate, bigotry and persecution neither the movies or comics have ventured into too dark  of territory. The Hulk is often seen as a dim witted engine of destruction but the underlying topics dealt within the series are pretty heavy: child abuse, spousal abuse, personality disorders, anger problems, massive destruction and collateral damage, being hunted and persecuted. Though both can be dark but more and more rumblings of filmmakers and writers wanting to craft darker movies but sure it can be done but its to the point that the darker aims are only in hopes of more money. Michael Bay, Robert Kirkman and the several others creative team members aimed to make Transformers 2 darker and it got terrible reviews and paled in comparison to the first. Sure darker movies for some characters can work but to what extent, is Spider-Mans next movie going to be a gritty cop drama? Imagine Spider-Man mixed with the Departed...just can't see it working, but whatever I doubt it will get that dark, but when we can only hope these movies keep being made for everyone with real consideration and source material. But I'm done with this, why do you think there is so much discussion and intent to create darker comic/hero movies? Like "defendor" or the new one with Rain Wilson their written pretty similarly to Kick-Ass (the movie and comic) but a bit darker.


Superman deserves another chance on screen. PART 1

So I've been sick so the other day I watched one of my fave movies...Superman Returns...its sooo great but I've heard some serious smack talk about Supes Returns and it pisses me off.  Not enough action and people didn't like Brian Singer? OK shaddup if it makes you feel better Brian tried getting Zod in the movie but that didn't happen and I'm fine with that! Singer created a beautiful film with meaning, emotion and style. IT EVEN REFERRED TO GOTHAM....BOOM NERDGASM.  This was a classic Superman story with multiple changes to the formula, he returns to a world that doesn't need him and feel as though he abandoned them and........the boy but that's for another time and Superman was not a home wrecker, yea that was a complaint. I really liked how Singer made him a sort of omniscient hero...not an allegory to god but more like a guardian angel. Several scenes come to mind that really show this well... when he is holding the big planet from the Daily Planet over his head, perfect angle and what does it represent o yea people symbolism in 3...2...1 HE HAS TO CARRY THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, (much like in Greek mythology with the titan Atlas being punished by having to hold the world on his back. BOOM #2 U LEARNED SOMETHING...you're welcome) Another scene, when he is floating in space, we start with a close up of his face, eyes closed he concentrating, we then see a wide angle shot of him and the earth and then noise his eyes "snap" open and he flies full speed to earth to do his earth protector thing...see hes the guardian angel, not god like people bitched about but I'm rambling and getting off topic...sort of. Oh another awesome shot is after he is stabbed and then rescued so he flies above the cloud and basques in the sunlight...beautiful scene and great timing with the music. But for those who think there wasn't enough action look at the originals which a considered classics and superior, VERY SIMILAR but Chris Reeve is Clark. But this movie is very under rated for multiple reason but one makes me mad. The villain, Lex Luthor, slays a god, Superman, Luthor did the impossible. Luthor defeats a god, he practically kills him but most important he took Supes powers away, sort of. Major evil moment, after Luthor gets him on the Kryptonite laced island (thus making him nearly mortal), has his boys rough him up and as he reaches   the cliff Lex plunges the Kryptonite dagger into Supes back and says "Now, fly," then pushes him off the island, AWESOME. Oh and a random complaint that Superman was a home wrecker for trying to rekindle his relationship with Lois, ok not cool but just another sacrifice he makes. He gives up Lois...his true love and (I hate how he was included but he is an easy fix) he gives up his alleged son.
Okay so Returns was not well liked for multiple reasons (none that i completely agree with though) but most people felt the major problem was a lack of action. The action was a little lack luster but in its pace we received a movie with Superman struggling to find his place in the world once again, he has to deal with the "loss" of Lois Lane and the guilt that he is to blame for Lex Luthor not being in jail just because he missed a court date. Another Superman movie could easily ramp up the action and still have a rather strong story and character development. Supes has a myriad of rogues to contend with Darkseid, Zod, Brainiac, Mongul, Metallo, the recent Atlas or hell even Lex Luthor again or even Parasite. There are so many choices that could easily provide a decent plot. 

ZOD and his brood can introduce the possibility of Kandor (which doesn't even need to be seen) and Zod wants to take over earth but that was kind of already done but still there are other plot possibilities.  
MONGUL a physical threat to Supes would be a little complicated but easily simplified in multiple ways; Mongul original and his son with the same name are conquerors and kings...we can have Mongul (the original) bring his "Battleworld"  or something, to earth obviously wanting to conquer it which is awesome in a way because with his panet he brought his own fighters which give more opprotunities for fights and the climactic battle with the world in jeopardy is Mongul versus Supes...this could be a last ditch effort to conquer the world or he is going to destroy it if he can't have it but each of these are quite cliche. 
MONGUL 2 very similar but still very interesting and full of potential. A unique way of introducing the son of the orignal Mongul could be Mongul 2 showing up to avenge the death of his father. This could be Supes fault or not...if it is we can see the battle in quick flashbacks possibly but we would want to see that fight, but throughout the movie there could be references to the destruction and deaths, there can be  shots of construction equipment or residual damage. This would lead to multiple possibilities, Supes doesn't want to risk more death and for some reason go to Mongul 2's world...introducing quite a wide array setting or even the Green lanterns. If Superman is innocent still similar but the fight could be on earth or something. 
DARKSEID would mean an epic movie or a very simplified Darkseid which could still be good but annoy fans.  Bring his domain Apokolips into the fray could be really interesting an awesome but complicated MAYBE, but if simplified appropriately and not introduce a lot or too many characters into the movie it could be done. Darkseid's main threats could be a big weapon on his planet and his armies and well himself. I feel since Darkseid's only real goal is to rid the universe of free thought the anti-life equation could be a great plot device and a good way to show off the boy scout-ness Superman often shows.  But though the movie could be philosophical and character driven it will still break down to a climactic fight against Darkseid. I feel Darkseid has a lot of potential story wise and action wise.
BRAINIAC is both a physical and a mental threat. A big part of the movie could be Superman learning and dealing with the fact that Brainiac is to blame for the destruction of Krypton and this could lead to a rage fueled fight due to Supes fear he'll do the same to earth.  Brainiac can appear as a good guy only wanting to learn about earth but obviously this not the complete truth; I'm fairly certain this plot has happened before but its still good. Of course his ship could play a major role or just a way to show that its there type of thing like fan service maybe. Involving Brainiac could also lead to Kandor being  mentioned/discovered or whatever but most importantly it could lead to Zod and other Kryptonians in a sequel or something along those lines. I would love to see a huge fight where he destroys Brainiac in closing you see that he has survived somehow and will eventually reconstitute and just knowing he COULD return would be perfect.
METALLO is a great enemy but I could only see working as a secondary villain like working with or for the "head honcho bad guy." Including him could be cool because he could be used to introduce STAR labs or Cadmus in some form. Metallo can either be a pawn or a partner, how John Corben or whoever becomes Metallo could help the story, be key part or just a side thought. What could be interesting is the possibility Metallo was created because the government fears Superman and could also lead to the inclusion of Lex Luthor and possibly Parasite as another pawn or enforcer created by Cadmus, STAR or some other means.
PARASITE is another classic enemy that can go toe-to-toe with Superman but like Metallo I see him only working as an enforcer, pawn or secondary villain.
ATLAS is rather new, at least to me but of course this might be a simple "a threat shows up...Superman beats the threat" movie. Atlas would be a great opponent because Supes even says while fighting him that he "hadn't been tested" physically "like this since Doomsday." Atlas's past could be a good mystery type plot or just a mystery (like Joker) but he could also be part of a government type thing like in his recent return to comics. He'd be interesting because he is powered by magic...but that also might be a stretch even though the movie would be about a super powered alien. 
has been in all the movies so he doesn't need to be in the movie as a bad guy or at all. If he isn't a bad guy in the movie it might be cool to see Supes interrogate him in jail or something. If Lex is a baddie he could be to blame for Mongul's (the originals) death or his coming to earth and the same for Darkseid. Lex could be a part of the governments operation to stop Superman if they feel necessary. Luthor could be a big part of the creation of Metallo and/or Parasite and if this is so of course he will pervert the project unleashing them to fight Superman and this government project connection could lead to the creation of his power suit...it would be awesome to see  multiple brutal fights against Metallo and/or Parasite then when they are defeated Lex unleashes his ultimate weapon, his suit but here's the kicker...Lex gets one or two lucky hits but then Superman dominates Luthor and destroys the suit. This could lead to them getting all preachy to one another but I think the beast way of including Luthor would have him already incarcerated. But of course, even though this has already been done and seen, Lex could try to side with the alien enemies. BUT THE KEY IN MY OPINION IS HE SHOULD ALREADY BE A KNOWN BAD GUY AND IN JAIL OR JUST OUT OF JAIL, but of course he doesn't even need to be the enemy.
This is only my first part of my ideas why Superman needs another movie there are many other reasons why Returns was considered inferior. Sure Christopher Reeve embodied the clumsy and "nerdy" Clark Kent Brandon Routh did do a great job, but that is for part 2 and I'll get other stuff, but I'm doing these because I'm sick and......bored. This might make you laugh.............it took forever because my fever was making me delusional and I thought my computer was a monster....and I was throwing up a lot....great diet plan (not really).

quests and such on my mind


 I really like the quests the site provides. I love brain teasers and such these sometime provide a challenge and entertainment. Why r there so many comic "events" b4 i took a hiatus from comics there werre just issue and only story arcs (im only 22 but com on). True most of the time they work i.e Blackest Night. Necrosha, Utopia, and Siege but Whats with the Heroic Age? Will it lead to another Dark Rain or what? Whay happened to continuity...During Cap Reborn the mini series wasn't over but he was already in other books....LAME. Second Coming is very entertaing but b4 its over x-Men #1 comes out and they're fighting vampires....what about Bstion and his brood....f! the miniseries just read that too see who died...i have so  many questions in regard 2 the xmen ANSWER THEM 4 MR PLEASE OR PROVIDE THEORIES. I am very tired and these r issues on my mind.


2nd Coming is awesome but ANNOYING

I love X-Men comics I read Messiah Complex then stopped until the move to Utopia, so I'm not the most well versed in the recent X-Men lore but I submit to the court multiple questions and ideas that should help our favorite genetic outcasts survive.


I know Madrox has issues with the X-men and Scott (I don't know what they are) but considering he and X-Factor are aware of the whole hunt to kill mutants situation you'd think Madrox and his group would help. MADROX HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME AN ENTIRE ARMY so if he doesn't want to head to Utopia he could have at least sent some dupes to help and his team can help out sooooo much Strong Guy, M or whatever Monet is going by, Siryn, Longshot (he can teleport people). COME ON THEIR BEING HUNTED THEY SHOULD HELP.


I know Namor is king of Atlantis and can breathe on land too but the others are blue but I'm pretty sure they can breathe out of water but they at least have technology making it possible to survive out of water. So the people of Atlantis live under Utopia and their king resides on Utopia so why doesn't he command them to take up arms and help protect the place. I know they recently moved to the area under Utopia because Atlantis is gone but their technology (if my memory serves me right) is superior to humans. So the army of blue smart people living under Utopia should take up arms and protect their king and new home.


The great one Kitty Pryde has finally returned to us.....sort of. Sure she is stuck in her intangible form but she can still walk on the ground and such. So Kitty is virtually untouchable oh wait she is completely untouchable. She is capable of disrupting electronics so why is she not out there messing up the robotics, cyborgs and such that are trying to kill them all. The x-men are fighting an all fronts war, their coming at them from everywhere and Kitty can't be touched but she can mess them up so easily.


With the nation wide chase going on and with all the fighting and destruction you would think the authorities of some sort would get involved. The X-Men and Bastion's troops have torn through highways, blown up stuff in rural where ever and the city. Even if the authorities don't notice or something there is something called 9-1-1.


I don't know where the Avengers, The Initiative,  are but Wolverine is an Avenger and they do have a contact number I believe, even if this is during Siege or something the X-Men still have powerful friends...Cloak and Dagger, Deadpool, Fantomex, Maverick or Agent Zero, Captain Britain, Jonothon Starsmore, Nocturne or X-Man these people used to be X-Men or somehow connected but there are more but there are also heroes and such that aren't protecting Asgard (if this is during Siege). ALSO, what are the students doing some of them (if not most or all) should fight or find away out of there. Is Magneto going to throw down soon because magnets mess up electronic stuff (try it put a magnet next to your computer).


Sure there are bad guys locked up down there with Danger but also there are mutants too, sure they might be angry or something but still they might be persuaded to not want to be killed  and take some aggression out on the bad guys. Just a thought. 
If it pleases the court elaborate share your thoughts, make fun of me what ever.

The best comics out are about jerks

Absolution, Irredeemable, The Mighty and Haunt

 are some pretty damn good books out now but if I knew the guys featured in them, I'd probably feel the urge to kick them in their gentleman parts. Absolution is a great read about our hero John Dusk a super powered police officer that has seen too much evil during his career. John is a good man...sort of, he is tired of evil people walking around unscathed and not punished enough by the legal system so one day he allows a criminal to die and it turns out he is a big fan of killing the bad guys. John goes from super hero to serial killer with literally a flick of his finger, he begins secretly killing the people he believes deserve to but he knows what he is doing is wrong but he cannot bring himself to stop. Irredeemable the only thing that needs said is picture Superman going crazy and start killing people that all that needs said. The Mighty is about the worlds only super hero has his own organization that seems like a big boy scout but he is far from anything like that. His mysterious goal is achieved through creating accidents and abducting innocent people. Haunt is a new comic and i'm actually liking it. Nothing like the stars of a book being a smoking, cursing, surly, prostitute loving loving minister and his dead, murdering, repenting, secret agent brother.