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Bang! 3

Bang! Bang! This comic was good. I wish I got this when I started reading Fables. When you quickly glance at this book, it does not look like much. However, this is a comic you do not want to take a quick glance at in a bookstore. In my option, the writing is top notch quality and the art is a story all on it's own. Dare I say this is my favorite Vertigo comic book after Fables? This comic has a lot of soul in it, mixed with violence and gritty materiel.For those who do not know 100 Bullets is a...

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Usagi Yojimbo Does It Again! 2

Every time I read Usagi Yojimbo, I feel at ease for some reason. This comic book makes me feel relaxed and I suddenly lose all my negative energy. Maybe it is because of how Usagi is portrayed in this comic book, because it is hard not to love him. This volume colleges all 16 issues of the Mirage comics and the first 6 issues of the Dark Horse series. In other words, this volume collects the 8th, 9th, and 10th volumes of the trade paperbacks, which is perfect for me because they are becoming una...

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Farewell Josephine! 0

Can't believe Fatale is over with. I loved this comic book and it's the entire reason I dropped most of the DC and Marvel stuff and mainly focused on Image and indie comics. Ed Brubaker is one of my favorite comic book writers mainly because he knows how to write. He also knows how to cast a woman in his comic books too.Has for this final volume you really need to know everything about Fatale to read how it all ends. It gets very confusing at times to the point I may have to reread it in the fut...

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