Comic Books I Want to Read

This is a list of comic books that I do not own or yet to have read that I want to read. Most of them are in my reading list and others I want to check them out. Some my brothers own as well. Noticed I got a lot of Image Comics.

Note: If I'm currently reading the series it will not show up on here or simply I don't want to read the book. This is just for me to keep tack of what I want when it comes out and ill be removed once I read it. I only read trade formats. Like most of my list, thing will be added.

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Posted by cbishop

V For Vendetta and Y: The Last Man were excellent. I've had Maus and From Hell in my collection for years, and have yet to actually read them- I keep putting them off for some reason. I thought the movie based on From Hell was nicely done though.

What I read of the DC Powerpuff Girls series was great, and I'm pretty sure that's what the IDW trade is collecting. It'll be a fun read.

Posted by Samimista

Definitely recommend Deadly Class! 0.0 I absolutely am in love with it and hope it'll be a long ongoing series!

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@fables87: Make sure they have all 10 volumes of Y, because you are not going to want to stop. :)

Posted by fables87

@cbishop: Yup he does. Although he said the ending of Y sucked. Great until the end I guess.

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Posted by SavageDragon

Yeah Y was amazing. The ending was satisfying as well people just say that because they wished it went on forever. Its such an emotional ride check it out. I proudly display my 5 hardcovers of it. I currently am reading Coffin Hill and so far its been a fun read, a little to young adult sometimes if you know what I mean but still fun. I cant believe you've been skipping Saga dude! One of the very best Image books.

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@savagedragon: I want to read Saga, my brother has it, but haven't read it yet. I'm slow when it comes to mega popular things everyone likes. Takes me awhile to actually want to read it.

Posted by Samimista

@fables87: Ah your welcome! ^__^ Saga is great as well. =D

Posted by lykopis

Pretty Deadly is a must read -- I get starry-eyed just thinking of it, although I do have to admit, things start to make a lot more sense in the fourth issue (the most recent one). Don't let that put you off -- the story and the art is painfully beautiful.


Posted by fables87

@lykopis: i want it for the art so bad. i mean it's a comic. art is super important.