Why Did iZombie End?

I'm not sure if this has been asked or not, but why did iZombie end? I thought the series was really original, fresh, and entertaining. Was kind of upset they had to concluded all the stories within a certain amount of time. It seemed like they had other plans for the ending. There just a handful of comics I'm completely satiated with the ending. Most just seem so random. This one I'm stuck in the middle. The art is always visually appealing and not everyone died at the end, but it seemed like there could have been more plot towards the end. I still think this would have been or could be an awesome TV show.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Their sales were probably too low to continue

Posted by fables87

@haydenclaireheroes: That's a bummer, because it was really original and loved the art. I'm not even a fan of zombies and ended up loving Gwen. I still think if this lasted longer, the ending would have made more sense.