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Personnally, I always thought that you could find pretty much all genre in superheroes comics. Like G-man said, there's "horror/zombie" genre with Marvel Zombies (and i'll add Blackest Night and Necrosha, in some ways), and Sci-fi with the Green Lantern books at DC and all the Space books at Marvel. 
But you can also add :  
- western with Jonah Hex,  Cowboys & Aliens,...
- teen romantic comedy with Ultimate Spider-Man and Runaways,...  
- detective, police drama and noir genre with Batman, Daredevil, Alias, the "Marvel Noir" line,... 
- drama in... a lot of books ! 
So, for me, you already have that mix of genre.  

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I think 6 is too much. And you also have Red Robin, Batgirl and Birds of Prey !! That's 9 "Gotham titles" ! 
Why not make one single batman ongoing title, keep Red Robin, Batgirl and BoP, and have some mini-series (but just one at a time !) starring other bat-related caracters or telling "out of continuity" stories ?