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Eighteen Months, twelve days, fourty-four minutes and twenty five seconds exactly, that’s how long it’d been since the rusted iron doors of her cell last opened. She’d been captured in the Gothic City harbor trying to commandeer a cargo ship containing the essential parts to create an atom bomb. The Cerise Swashbuckler sat reliving the details of her incarceration wondering how an adroit tactician such as herself was hauled in by the pathetic Gothic City police. After days of deep introspection it all became clear, she was never on a mission to acquire nuclear materials; she was on a mission to get herself caught—a step-up.

Being blessed with Liafador beauty and Knightfall strategic prowess allotted Faatina with the wherewithal to develop an escape plan, but the guards never stalked her halls; they never once checked on her—other than the camera overhead, and the punctual tray of food they slid under her door she was never allowed to interact with other human beings; for some sort of fear of reprisal.

Her allegiance did not belong to the Cardinals nor the Knightfalls rather to the Pirate Code of Conduct, as the Captain of the Aster; it was her crews’ duty to free her from this prison, if not they were subject to death from all the pirate clans sailing the Indian ocean.

This however was too far inland, they’d never push through Gothic City metropolitan area quick enough to free her; she was on her own. The half Spanish-half French, Pakistani native simply needed to bide her time, but as the rusty doors of her cell magically opened it seemed as if that time had come.

“Well mate, it appears today is my lucky day” She muttered to her pet rat that took up residence in confinement of her cell.

She could hear the jeers and cheers from those she shared the same row with, it was true someone had released them, but there was a gigantic iron door separating them from the rest of the prison. “Now how do you suppose we deal with that” She asked, not speaking to anyone directly; but a man who shared the cell adjacent to hers took offense.

“Ungrateful bitch, we can find a way around it; just be glad you’re out” He hissed, watching as they all stormed the iron door. In comparison to the other prisoners, she was a dwarf; she stood about 5’4 with no apparent muscles, had to typical look of a Liafador, but with the poise of a 1st generation Knightfall.

“Be my guest….” She muttered, moving toward the back of the hall; wanting zero to do with the hording criminals. Leaning on the bars with her hands resting across her B cupped chest; her eyes temporarily scanned the room before resting on a nearby closet just in arms reach. “Bingo.” She whispered, opening the closet to find cleaning powder and bleach; and an ammonia based solution.

“Move” She said crudely, pushing through the mass of sweaty criminals fawning for freedom. Her training with the Israeli Special Forces provided her with knowledge of how to escape situations such as these. Pouring the powder on the hinges of the iron door; she next coated it with bleach—followed by ammonia.

“The corrosive properties of the ammonia and bleach should free us” She instructed. It didn’t work, though the chemical conjecture did melt through the hinges; it didn’t go all the way through.

“What friggin good did dat do!?” the monster behemoth criticized; her head turned in his direction as if she was sizing him up. “Heavy up to…weak down below…” She whispered, before executing a “Ziccarra-like” Pirouette leg-sweep and taking the man off his feet.

Holding him by both his legs she pulled backwards so that her back hit the floor launching him into the door until the iron gave out.

“Be grateful, I couldn’t have done this without you.” She murmured stepping over him en route to finding her effects.

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@wesley_odepius said:

So i wonder when poser Quintus is gonna get the guts to post lol

I'm still deciding whether or not I'm even gonna show ;)

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Faatina fashioned her hands behind her back watching as the gargantuan departed. Her plan to eliminate the Goddess had evolved into a conspiracy with many partners. Daemon wanted Z gone for the destruction of his hills location, and know with the Titanic Terrorist as an ally, the unofficial Injustice League had been formed.

Climbing aboard the Phantom, the Cerise Buccaneer gaze at her rugged crew muttering an old pirate hymn. “Lads, our enemy favors Fabian Warfare; He will not fight us directly; so we will swarm him with our numbers.”

The confused pirates, stood around; not daring to question their captain on who she was speaking on. The situation became dire; as the Cerise Tactician, now needed to seek out and destroy her own brother.

“WHAT ARE YE DOING, YOU BLIMEY SEA URCHINS, BACK TO WORK!” She screamed, sending her men scrambling back to their jobs, as she retreated for her quarters.

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Thank god we're finally off that planet lol

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I wasn't serious about being President lol. Ziccarra isn't American anyways.

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“You know mate, they said; you were a deep individual; but now I see just how deep” She let loose a cryptic smile before responding to his previous Inquiry.

“There is an Archer, Female no more than 16. A Male cop; not sure of his age. The last be a blasted blonde; she’s the former SCPD Captain. My ears be lost on what they can do mate, might be useful collateral” She retorted.

Emerging on the outside, her mind cascaded over the information received on Quintus. For nearly 20 years; she hadn’t the slightest reason to even utter his name, now she was on the course to bud heads with him directly.

The Purist Pirate was the first born; she was to be the beginning of the “Knightfall Legacy”, but as fate had it; she was cast aside by her father. Now she lived a life of plunder; and savage pillages.

Turning towards the sky, her majestic ship hovered in the sky; the jeers from the buccaneers aboard, ready to take off back to the oceans.

“Well fancy that, my brother has a bit of gall.” She teased, still strutting side by side with the lethal gargantuan.

“He has adopted the Iron Calculus of War; very basic strategy, deadly; if one does not know how to maneuver around it. I will break his will, matey; and I will destroy his resistance” She said, with a hearty chuckle.

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“Aye Matey, you are aware that the Queen of the Red Cardinals, is no longer running the Cardinal No?” She said, tilting her head northward to meet his eyes. “I’ve learned that she does not have in her possession the legendary mask of Cortez anymore” The Cerise Buccaneer, slowly strut down the hall side by side with both Daemon and BB.

“Ziccarra is no longer an ordinary lass, She is empowered by thee gods of Olympus savy?” The ensuing chaos going around them, did nothing to hinder her thoughts. “She is based on the City Island of Solace savy?”

As she spoke a prisoner, streak down the hallway; freed after the chains rip the cobblestone from the wall. “Ye best be getting back to your cell matey. Freedom is reserved for those important enough to be freed savy?” She positioned her cutlass on the prisoner’s jugular, and watched as he returned back to his cell.

“Blimey swine. The goddess as she is called, associates herself with 3 fellow heroes. One is of relation and a child” She pivoted on right foot before fixing her cerulean gaze on him.

“Now, what do I need to know about my brother?”

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I have no clue what's going on around here.