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Faatina was the first child of Jayden Knightfall, her mother; an Austrian accountant died giving birth to her. Her father at the time, was far too young to take care of her. He gave Faatina up for adoption as a child, to an Indian family. Her new family, allowed her to keep her last name, as a homage to her father who sacrificed his right's for the child's safety. For most of her life, her family supplied everything she needed, but on October 24, 1989 the Bhagalpur riots took her adoptive parents, once again reducing her to somewhat of an orphan.

She left India at the age of 18, and moved to Afghanistan, she learned the teachings of the Quran, but didn't favor the treatment of woman, upon turning 21; she moved to Jerusalem. Upon her move to Israel, she converted to Judaism, and took a position in the Israeli special forces; a position unheard of for women.

Faatina was mentored by, high ranking Israeli officials, and used her knowledge to train her own squad of mercenaries.After four years in Israel, she broke away from her military affiliation and, founded CYPHER. Known for her extensive military strategies; she increased her wealth by profiting off the war between Muslims and Jews. Her Cypher organization experienced unprecedented popularity, but left Israel for Tibet.

Upon setting up shop in Tibet, Faatina was met by stiff resistance, by the Red Cardinals. Ziccarra Liafador, the youngest child of Sabella and Ramon Liafador; had risen to the top of the Liafador family, and in the process switched the once righteous cardinals to a murderous cult.

Because of how intricate her planning was, Cypher managed to beat the Cardinals, at every battle; until the Tibetan government could no longer provide payment for her services. Not long after the Cypher left, The Red Cardinals took over in the Tibetan provinces.

Leaving Tibet, Faatina returned home to India; to settle the disputes in her surrounding area. From the time she left Tibet; she had felt as if she were being followed. Her suspicions were confirmed, by the appearance of Ziccarra Liafador. She spoke diplomatically with the Cardinal Queen and, developed battle strategies, (Strategies that the Cardinals would then use to invade Venezuela.)

Ziccarra informed Faatina, that she was sent to periodically keep an eye on her; by request of her father Ramon Liafador; who was doing a favor for a friend of his (Jayden).