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Hi guys!

Yesterday evening was my 4th participation in the Outcast forums all-new "Live Draw Nights" for this quarter!

(You can find my previous blogentries regarding those by either checking out my other blogs on ComicVine or checking out the following links for the LDN February 2011, LDN May 2011 & LDN September 2011)

This weekend was yet another rude sessions of sketching, sketching and even more sketching!

Like before, I tried to keep my Twitter account updated as I went along.

If you're just joining me and don't know in what this LDN art jam challenge consists, it was roughly 4 hours long of various challenge thrown at us.

It's kinda like being in a "virtual convention" with various online members of the Outcast forums, getting various different challenges every hour and having to quickly (either digitally or traditionally) draw a lot of random characters.

It's a real challenging practice.

It was fun to get all together and draw, draw, draw! Keep our senses sharp and our hand fast. A great way to work your skills if you will!

Like the previous times, we had a great time. Various characters and fun ideas during the night.

Just trying to keep up is a fun challenge in itself!~

Now, let's dig into yesterday's entries!

Hour ONE

HOUR ONE was a nice warm-up.

Simply, 10 minute/sketches coming for an hour!

We started with one of Outcasts' own creations, The Checkeredman!

Great way to get things started.

The Batwoman!

Since we only had 10 minutes for these, I decided to go the simplistic route

Le Marquis, from a French bande dessinée, from what I gather.

Never heard of the guy. Fun design though.

Dr. Manhattan.

Fun one to draw I gotta say.

Leonidas from 300, with obligatory meme, if you please!

...and that was the last one for this "HOUR".


This was the time to walk around a sec'. 10 minutes break for everyone at this point.

Hour TWO

Hour two consisted in two 30 min. sketches.

With a twist!

2 selected characters fighting random foes.

The first random subject was Blueberry & Lone Wolf (and Cub) versus Violent Cowboys!

Was getting carried with this one..

I had this epic western scene pictured in my mind.

..and the 2nd drawing was Lobo & Judge Anderson (from Judge Dredd) against, I quote, "homicidal telekinetic Toddlers", I kid you not.



HOUR THREE - It consisted in a longer 50 minutes drawing of Ghost in the Shell's main protagonist.

Motoko Kusanagi.

The idea was to either emulate this reference pic of a cosplayer or simply the character she was representing.



Fourth - and last final hour.

A drawing with a twist!

The subject was a steampunk'd version of one of the proposed characters. We had a whole hour for this one.

I decided to select the DK2 Batman & Robin, just for kicks

And that was all for this night!

Our next session will be in March, from what I gather.

All in all, it was a pretty fun challenge to keep up with :D


Why don't ya try joining in the fun for next time. (log in the outcast studios or even, try to keep up even if you don't follow these forum boards!)

Hope you enjoy these!

Until next time~

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