Drawings -

Here's a bunch of my recent drawings :P

Some are for the "daily sketches" I do for the www.outcaststudios.com and others are just some of my own drawings I post on my dA at http://theeyzmaster.deviantart.com/

First of all here's a recent Nightwing drawing I did a lil' ago.

One time favorite Bat-character of mine during the 90s

(Sorry DCnU Dick Grayson, I just don't like your boring red suit...)

(Also, Cass!Batgirl, Steph!Batgirl and Pre-New 52 Red Robin easily took your spot as my favorite Bat-family member during the 2000s.)

PG, in all her Kryptonian glory <3

(Note to self: Needs more Atlee.)

You can also take a quick look at the Step-by-step process here: http://theeyzmaster.deviantart.com/art/DSC-2011-11-07-Power-Girl-steps-267775869

Okay, this one isn't really a comic book character per say... :P

But it was yesterday's sketch nonetheless! XD

By the by, here's another non-comic book related drawing but I wanted to post it here nonetheless!

Lately I've only been making sketch, so it was nice to make a proper pic this time. With a proper inking & coloring :P

Alright, ended up inking & coloring a sketch I did not long ago.

Mmmmh.. this didn't turn out that bad... My previous Elizabeth drawing was a bit more silly.

What d'you think? Better than my last attempt?

And the last one for this time.

Today, Shulkie! <3


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Posted by SmoothJammin

Really diggin ur style of artwork

Posted by Billy Batson

nice, She-hulk needs more muscles though.

Posted by tonis

@Eyz: great mix of new stuff, I always dig your take on the heroes and some of the hilarious antics you get them into :)

Posted by Eyz

@Billy Batson said:

nice, She-hulk needs more muscles though.

True enough! Though they don't depict her that much muscled most of the times, outside the Hulk main books.

@SmoothJammin: Thanks! ;)

@tonis: Thanks man :D

I try to keep things fresh and go in different styles depending the characters/subject.

Anyways, I always need more practice, it's fun to experiment and have a try at some characters out there :P

Posted by Mercy_

Love these!

Posted by Eyz

@The Dark Huntress: Thankies^__^

glad you like my pics :P