Drawing a some cards

Here's some recent drawings I did. Thought it could be nice to share them here on the ComicVine :P

I've been reading lots of Spider-girl lately.

Thought I should finally try drawing her for once :P

And for some reason, drawing the Spider-girl above made me think of Evangelion. (was it the short hair?)

Then I realized how little Rei drawings I did or were in my deviantArt gallery.

So, here's one more!

And finally the last one.
One more of these "card"-type pics, and I'll stop, promise!

Thought it could be fun drawing Death herself!

(Read Neil Gaiman SANDMAN-related comic books!)

That is all~

Enjoy :'3

Posted by Aronmorales

I like 'em! Nice work!

Posted by Billy Batson

always enjoying your stuff :)

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Nice Spider-girl pic. I love Spider-girl. She is my favorite character

Posted by tonis
@Eyz: You had me at Spider-Girl, but when I got to the end and saw Death, you hooked me ;) 
Great job Eyz.
Posted by Decept-O

Love your style!  These are great. 

Posted by ARMIV

Choice work, man!

Posted by harleyquinn12

Really like your style. I  think I like the Death one the best.
Posted by Eyz
@Aronmorales: @Billy Batson: @haydenclaireheroes: @tonis: @Decept-O: @ARMIV: @harleyquinn12
Thanks guys n gals! ;)
Glad you dig these drawings^^
There's just not enough love for Spider-girl around these days.. (no wonder Marvel got ride of Mayday and replaced her with Arana... -sigh-)
Those were pretty fun to do, so expect some others later on ;)
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@Eyz: Ya but maybe one day we will get Mayday back