• Eyelash30 wrote a review of "Synge City Blues".
    Small Gamble X

    A unique interpretation of the X-Men series with a cyber-punk futuristic spin to an alternate reality, while the story is flimsy in a good vs. evil revolutionary tale, the characters with their person...

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    Deadshot should have been higher on the list. Also, no Lady Vic?

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    I would have added Jericho on mind-control or Lilith Clay. Further on, I'd also see Anarky lead over Jason Todd. Good pick to Cassandra Cain.

  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of Mr. Korgo Goes to Washington.
    Surpeme Cheese

    Alan Moore goes into cheesy, light-hearted fanfare with this sappy satire of Superman in Supreme: The Return. The in-jokes with 'Friends' series, Supreme and Suprema fighting their fifties styled alie...

  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of Bad Blood.
    Simply Silly.

    Alan Moore cameos in this 'Teen Titans' beat on teen super-hero teams as their villains are introduced with equal parts gusto and respectful tribute to monster comics of the 1950's. The heroes predi...

  • Eyelash30 wrote a review of Occupations.

    Alan Moore satires teen archetypes with vast splashes and scenery with the members of Youngblood in Omegopolis a sprawling city where the heroes are introduced with plenty of enthusiasm. No philosop...

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    Magneto would not ally with Red Skull for reasons you'd ought to know.

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