What would be your ultimate line-up?

What would be your ultimate line-up for the Teen Titans? And then if the Titans West got reformed, who would be in that team? 
For me The Teen Titans line-up should be: 
Wonder Girl 
Super Boy 
Kid Flash 
Miss Martian 

And Titans West should be: 
Red Devil 
Blue Beetle 
Young Frankenstein 
Traci 13 
I think that most of my Teen Titans would get along for starters. Except I flung in Zatara to be the snotty one no one really likes (but I'm a Zatanna fan plus they really need a magic user). I think that Robin & Wonder Girl should be co-leaders. Plus there would have to be a scuffle between Superboy and Robin over Wonder Girl. I think that one of the reasons I love the Titans is that Teens can sorta relate to them and I think that they should mostly be friends. I also think that Offspring gets along with Aquagirl and I think he needs more exposure.  
For the Titans West, I like Ravager but I think maybe some people don't like her because she constantly clashes with Wonder Girl. Her and Red Devil are like what Argent and Damage were to the Titans. So I think she should join another Titans team. But you can't have Ravager without Red Devil. Flamebird would lead the team to prove that she can, I love Argent and Blue Beetle and Young Frankenstein was just thrown in there for fun. Plus Traci is BB's girlfriend and and I love her powers.
(Note: I know that this probably won't happen but you can make up line-ups too. Just use your imagination. Love to see what wonderful rosters you can come up with!)