Women Spider-Man Should Date At Some Point Before Inevitably Hooking Back Up With Mary Jane

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Posted by darthfury78

The only two that I will agree with are Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel. The others not so much. But I do feel that The Black Widow, Silver Sable, Psylocke, and The She-Hulk should have been added to the list. And another question should have been: Who would make for a great alternate crime fighting partner to The Black Cat for Spider-Man?

As for a female villain interested in Spider-Man, Mystique is the obvious choice.

Posted by mewmdude77

I only agree with SW, Ms Marvel, Kitty, and Firestar. I do think Black Widow, Silver Sable, and She Hulk could be added to the list.

Posted by Strider92

Spider-woman, Ms Marvel and Firestar I could get on board with as they have a past the others...not so much.

Silver Sable should probably be on there as she's expressed interest.