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Plastic Man should take over Detective Comics. Because he's a detective. And Batman has too many books. And Deadpool proves that goofy characters can sell a gazillion books.

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How effective it is depends on the writer but he does heal "faster" than normal.

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SHIELD wants its own Avengers team? That operates in secret? I think they mean that Marvel wants a SHIELD book but they need to slap an Avengers tag on it so it will sell. What is the purpose of forming a team and calling them Avengers when they're not necessarily Avengers, they're not working with the main Avengers team and nobody in the general public will know about them? That would be like me opening Secret McDonalds in my basement that has nothing to do with regular McDonalds except maybe I hired a couple ex-McDonalds fry cooks and then I don't tell anybody outside of my house about my Secret McDonalds. What would be the point in that?

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You've definitely got a point about Kitty and Wisdom. If you use my same reasoning, she MIGHT have been 18 at the time, but even if she was of legal age, she still would have been much too young for him. Kitty is hard to figure based on how she's drawn. There's not a lot lf artistic continuity between artists. I seem to remember her mentioning something about grad school and I she worked as a bartender at one point, so I think it's safe to assume she is at least 21.

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I've been listening to the Comicvine podcasts, and apparently there is debate over whether it is appropriate for Kitty to date Iceman because of their ages. If Bobby was 16 when he debuted in 1963 and Kitty was 13 when she debuted in 1980 and we figure that 4 years of real time is equal to 1 year of Marvel time, then Kitty would be 21 and Bobby would be 28. Then we introduce Howard Stern's half +7 age appropriateness formula, we see that half of 28 + 7 is 21, so therefore it is officially appropriate for Bobby to date Kitty.

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In AoA #8, did I read correctly that Emma Frost was referred to as Sue Storm? Are they one and the same person in AoA universe? Or was Emma using her power to impersonate Sue? Or did my mind just not understand the Sue Storm reference? Somebody please explain...

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Kitty Pryde is pretty plain looking depending on who draws her.

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What about Proteus?

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Replace Batman in Detective Comics with Plastic Man! (or just give Plas his own series and I'll continue not to read Detective)

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