Of course not!

Who cares having a registered record while you are saving the world from different menaces? If you wanna save the world you dont need to register! Just save! At the first place, most superheroes have secret identities. Then, it wont be secret anymore if they are registered and villains may just get their records easily.

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Who would like to stick around with a mutant with low face and attitude quality? At the first place, he looks icky....yuck....and he only brings mischief to the brotherhood. I think he would be the weakest if he will be compared to the original members of the brotherhood. I also don't like his fashion...
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Good Writing

Remember that what matters most in comic books is the story and how good it is. Though good art attracts its readers, its attractiveness may just fade away if readers will realize that it is an awful comic book. However, it is both important.

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Because they always look for a way tho make the story different and interesting. They also create new fashion through their characters.

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My fave characters are rogue,cannonball and kitty pryde

i love rogue because i also feel being used for my abilities though im not. i can feel how sad rogue's life was because of her powers but however, her powers were nice!

i love cannonball because he is a loving brother and an outstanding member of the x-men though his powers were not as strong as the others. Im so sad he was in the bad side now.

Though kitty pryde's powers may be considered as one of the weakest, she is very useful because of her intellect, leadership and being very social. Furthermore, she is very cute.

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