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This is story of of a anncent biker that is sent every thousand year's to over see what is going on earth no ordinary human know's about him only the church and god himself......and only the most pure of heart and soul are chosen to become the ((existencebiker)) when a human is chosen he is taken to a far away place were no human can see or find ! Now the time has come for a new biker to be chosen but the one dosent even know he has been chosen ......... Then God has charged one of his angel's to send the message to the chosen.. mean while back on earth the chosen human is liveing his day to day life,he is on his own works as a mechanic at a local gas station he works forthy hour's a week and gose home to his home and relax's,four daies have passed and unexpectedly he was driveing down the road and a gleam of light force's him to stop and angel appear's and he saies to the man do not be afraid i am here to tell you........ ! You have been chosen good and faithful servant of god,the man said chosen for what and the (angel) saies to be the existencebiker............ But the man replies who is that and the heavenly being saies he is a biker who fight's all that have the stink of sin or hell on them . The man saies may i ask you your name and the angel saies i am saint micheal and he gose on to say now we must go..... and the vanish and arrived at the place were the human recieve's the power of the biker..and micheal saies you are now the existencebiker now you will know when to use this new power of your's go now and do the job you been charged with chosen and just like that he's gone ! become gods rider the source of his power come's from the holy spirit it self and you have been chosen to ride the earth as his chosen rider...... the rider must seek out all damned soul's and send them back to hell and also protect the innocent soul's so in a split second i was infused with that power an was transformed into me and i was in white leather and golden cross's from the sould's down and my face was in ingolfed with white fire....they said to me in order to enter for you an your family to enter the holy kingdom you must serve god as his rider ..... to help show the world that god is real and here and to show them the way to the truth....... I said what's his rider's purpose.... and he answered to cleanz the world of all of hell's demon's and all demonic being's. But i said what about the ghost-rider and answered he isn't the problem.... and i said i know of his plite can't help the human inside of the ghost-rider johnny blaze can i free his soul of mephisto's grip ?.... he answered yes but now first you have to do this first and that's rid the earth of all demon's and evil !!!!! Then i said when this is over what happen's to me and my whole family and the being answered you and them will be allowed into heaven So now i ride the earth with the power of heaven and helping the innocent and punishing the evil doer's of the world Recent event's more about the being behind te biker He also live's a straight edge and he dosent tolarate liar's or people who dont do the right thing he lives a single life he as well fights along side the just the side of good and othiers that you call hero's when he's in normal form he dose have hair blonde silke hair and his eyes are as blue as a the ocean he dose ride a motorcycle for a normal ways to get around from place to place city to city................ he gets by doing odd jobs on the side as well as a full time job. He is a person who is willing to listen and to give advice he dose wear normal cloths like anyone ....more to come soon