The Excella Chronicles

Lost Soul

Living her life as a nomadic traveler along with her family, who were free and unbound from society, the family had lived in the rural areas of Europe and Asia. Youngest of three in the Yukovia family line, she was rather timid and shy around her sisters and family. But because the girls were in need of an education, their father, even though he was against living with prime society felt that his daughters would soon reject their lifestyle for that in the cities and assimilate into the world. Self teaching his girls of what he learned before he left his former life behind as a teacher he still retained his knowledge in which he passed down to his girls. While their mother taught them of what she knew, art, teaching them a form of liberty and freedom in bringing forth their imagination to life. When she reached the age of 13, Vera was given a gift that was thought to be as a cursed among the modern world. This very emerge talent had caught the eyes of those who wanted her talents for their own purpose. Within the next year the claws of an unnamed organization emerged and apprehended the young girl as well as slaughtering her family. Young Vera had then fallen into their manipulation, with them implementing the Neo transformation. With the Neo complete her old life was erased and grafted with new man-made memories to serve in its place. The secret behind this apprehension was that her father was their prime target, which resulted in his nomadic years. Unknowingly they had kept tabs of the man and when they knew of his daughter and saw her used her powers it was made clear that she had surpassed her father and granting them the experiment that was previously put on hold.

Scientific Discovery

As a spy for the Organization she was trained ruthlessly. Every inch of her body and mind had to be strong for future endeavors, they made sure she was the one to successfully infiltrate Utopia's line and steal intel on the new virus being constructed. During her time there she was submerge with knowledge with B.O.Ws (Bio Organic Weapons) creation, the experiments and testing was all a fascination to her. The idea of meddling with virology and biology as well as anything composing of life and genetics flamed her passion in which she took studies on, even creating her own experiments. This was the start of something new for the scientist, furthering her studies branched out to chemistry which helped her understand her gifts more and on how they operated and how effectively she could now utilize them. When rogue Utopia members Silas and Lanceston became greedy and betrayed the company with the perfected creation of a new virus named Pro-Creation. They destroyed and leaked the air-borne virus within the lab, luckily for Vera she was absence from one of Utopia's research lab, this had luckily spared her life. As the virus took shape and spread, it attacked the brain and bodily functions and all traces of humanity or emotion except to spread, ultimately attacking those without the same genetic processing which resulted in the Rosewood City outbreak. Sent in by her organization to infiltrate through the city of dead to Utopia's research lab, one of the two of which was located in the States.


Despite her gift she nearly lost her life in the viral epidemic. During this mission she was to retrieve Utopia's data disk which enlisted projects and information for the opposing organization to take a heed chance in wiping their opponents out. But instead she was unsuccessful as the infection had resulted in the lab's destruction and thus the city. It was by luck once again that she managed to escape the barred city before its demise. But instead presented the Gnome virus to her organization a progenitor to the PC virus. It was then revealed that Silas was running the show for the organization she was working for and once again plotted their demise just as he did to his former affiliates. He wanted his enemy gone before he would rise and with Vera's help his dreams would come to fruition.

As of now Vera has been assigned to "call in service" meaning she has been granted freedom until called upon for her service. The true origins of her gifts is as yet to be known to others, other than to herself.