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These guys kill me.  

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Come on.  This was horrible.  Nothing happened, and we had no character moments.  The dialogue between the characters was completely devoid of emotion.  This was like a mindless action movie.  Emma saying shit like "Blow 'em to hell."  All of X-Force sitting there and saying "Don't stop 'til we've killed 'em all!"  Archangel whining about being dead, despite knowing that alternate futures aren't necessarily their future.  You've been friends with Rachel Grey for years, Warren!  Don't even get me started on the Dodson art.  It's not bad, but it certainly doesn't match the grim and gritty future/dark tones of this book.   As for pages of the non-mutant heroes outside?  I enjoy seeing them, but nothing happened out there.  We wasted six pages on them.  And Bucky's "leadership moment" was him saying "You guys, figure out how to get into the bubble.  Everyone else, hit the bubble."  Nice thinking, boss.   I wish I had thought of that. 
In all, I hated this issue.

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I want Hawkman next.

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She beat The Champion, but that was Shulkie doing her thing physically (not without Jen's brains), but I'm talking a straight up court case, the superior attorney.  I want them to be opposing counsels!

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Shulk was selected by The Living Tribunal to be a member of the Magistrati.  That's pretty impressive!

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It's a court case and not a fight.  Matt Murdock takes the defense, and Jen represents the plaintiff.  The case has no defined winner or loser from looking at it, it will ultimately come down to the counsels.  Who is a better attorney!?

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Thank you!  I have not, I've been reading Secret Invasion, not keeping up w New Avengers.  Thanks.

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So where is he?  Is he gonna show up?  Both factions of the Avengers are in his stomping grounds and he's nowhere to be seen.  Where you at, Ka-Zar?!