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"source material" ?the sht they're feedin us with since the 600#? easy to follow...they feel true they're wrong. That's a money made WW she's not WW. haha haha haha

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You forgot Wonder Woman. Since the 600# she's dead to me, alternatively a pubescent adolescent, a slut, a seemingly lesbian (being for real isn't a problem, being one just to attract a kind of reader on purpose is something else), the daughter of the king of assholes...everything but her, just to bring more readers, ok it's a bussiness thanks we've the previous 599 issues, even when she lost everything and was with i ching whe was less miserable.

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Like us, we all don't live with full potential on everytime..plus ok they're heroes but don't they've the right to get some rest sometimes? Lazy or not, they serves right it's not an obligation at first, be glad they do it when they do...Heroes or whatever people are always ungrateful to those who serves them..when themselves they do nothing to help others..

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Yes they should, they're human after all, it's important to do the link between us and them, it's fiction but if everything if beautiful and perfect and no one deserves to die, and no one should kill, etc that's way too far from reality, with all the mad, sad, atrocious stuff they see every days of their lives sometimes they can and should fall for a moment, they're not fighting some fairy or teddy bears but killers and stuff that deserves to be arrested, and it's not with a ''Would you please stop killing, raping people after people, if you do i'll give you candy''. No. They fight again and again putting their own lives in game to stop those guys, sometimes death appears, not as a solution but a natural phenomenon, the fight must stop someone must be stopped. And as long as they don't enjoy killing any hero stays a hero.

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Absolutely not. This media already suffer from movie deformation..that's enough..at least if people could avoid talking about them thinking that you're a comic reader so you love all those sh*tty adaptations. That's a personal opinion.

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Misfits s03

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That could be worse...it could be Morrison trying to contact you...what a pain...

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It's not that she can't it's more ''she must not'' batman superman etc have seen them change but since her creation unlike others she've been lifted so many times, they've changed her origins her personnality and so many things, if they change the costume then it will the final touch. Anyway since the 600# she isn't WW anymore to me.

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@ulrich200: vampire or not new DC or not, cloack/trench or whatever my point was superhéroine everyday clothes in comics are weird. Pink cloack...they're trying to bring necro barbie fans

And if they stick to the myth, http://asylums.insanejournal.com/scans_daily/95830.html, but we're post that, WW's got an assh*le for father and everything's now f*cked up i can't stand the art, the 600# and next were ugly but now...that's just not possible for me (sorry for the artist fan's here) so...i don't really care anymore.

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@ulrich200 said:

Let me guess; she'll restore the old DC if the sales fall before next summer.

you made my day. This pink trench stuff also makes me think about the way super heroine are dressed in their everyday life. Like in BoP...wtf with those clothes..