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It's more about the publicity and visions than movie quality in fact...and we've to look at what was diffused in the same time, when people think about going to the movies sometimes it's the movie based on the poster/cast/synopsis on the 10 minutes you've to decide that the less bad/more appealing is chosen.

And i thought at least 75% is people not knowing anything about comic culture but appealed by girls in tight clothes and explosion who're going to see those. Plus family thinking it's child material...you've got one or more kids plus one or both the parents et voila you're making numbers grow. Toys in restaurants, goodies given, convention month of publicity, event if the movie is lame you've bought your tickets and money is made. It's the word if bad press is made fast after the movie come in then people are less complaisant if not they're trapped

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meh iam going to say none of them becuase for one Batman's love interests tend to die alot second batman isnt the type to end up with any one since lady justice always comes first in Batman's world

Agree. Catwoman is the one, cause it's a game of cat and mice where role are not quite defined.

And looking at Black canary's past, just GA infidelity impacts towards her i don't think she see "Batman the player" (even if it's a cover or whatever) as husband material...

Looking past that hero comics shouldn't become love comics either...

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Basically you're torturing yourself. I was before, i'm in France and comics for people, since it's not as spread as in the US, are just movies they may have seen, old batman movies and parodies, kids stuff things like that...so you've the one looking down on you like you've got poor taste in life loving them or the one naming themselves ''fan'' and not knowing anything about real comics...basing all their knowledge on movies.And i quite dislike movies DC or Marvel they tend to be money mass making things (which i understand they're here to make profit not to follow the truth a tout prix)...

What i'm trying to say it's even if since childhood i'm into comics, and i tend to be more of a pre new 52 DC follower, finding Marvel a little bit to sparkling for me, got a lot of books video games etc about them i can't stand calling myself a fan, or being called that, there's something ''diminishing'' about that term like we're alienated by them, and i've full control over my tastes...so you should do the same, don't listen to other people and since they'll never disappear , in fact they're spreading faster than real comic lovers...thanks to the new politics and movies spaming a lot...don't bother assimilate or compare yourself to them you know what you like, you are and your value. I know it's bothering and stressfull when they engage in a discussion about something they don't even suspect they know barely 10% of the subject but in the end it's fun, people tend to be like that about anything after all.

The only bad thing coming from that it's the comic books headquarters are putting them first, and producing mass products instead of quality one most of the times...they always have yes but sometimes i though we've entered a "twilight era" when reading about some heroes i loved...for it's not as psychological and dark as before, to my mind.

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and you do realize i use this just as a starting point to explain what i feel about what's being made to WW. You can sleep tight boss i'm a grown lady don't worry i'll behave myself ~ ~


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I thought Diana was going to go all 'Man of Steel'

Cause obviously she can't be just herself anymore doesn't she...pfff 52 screwed WW

SW WW is to me the publication of a strange fanfic money money thing, i love WW since #600 i don't buy it she is made to fit for the masses...a lovestory with superman...seriously previously it was steve trevors the gluestick now superman...can't she have a life without lovestory put in front...when i read about heroes i want epicness not "the bold and beautiful'' sh**ty things...

The WW headbutt should go to the people doing those things to her character...

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@ptigrusmagus said:

Overrated comic book of the year

Totally agree, the art is nice but i don't feel like i'm reading superhero stuff...they want to make contact with fans too much...that's so full of clichés que ça en devient niais...that's cool if people find what they seek in it .The story and the characters psychological traits are too much that it looks like comic books for little girls exept for the beverage party stuff...and the growing hand...just ugly...too bad

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Drax . Gamora . No. That's just not possible...

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20 years ago, WB/DC, you screwed up by not making her Wonder Woman, don't screw it up now. You can even give her a chakram as a nod to Xena.

Too bad she can't be WW now. She's the one fitting the role. Not some lazy pretty hollywood pale figure as we can see now...anyway sup vs batman...new 52 jim lee...DC's origins are dead long ago...there's no place for anything other than money , it's a business i understand but WW shouldn't be anybody

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We shouldn't forget that passion is now secondary, money is first, if you sell doing the same old stuff, then it's a roaded recipe. Why change if money comes in? changing is taking great risks nowadays, the big two arent' the big two for nothing, it's kind of a trademark for them. And they're now not the same to me, before Dc was distinguishing itself with a more dense and classy content now with the flashpoint and new 52 they went batsh*t crazy and became a Marvel style thing. They're too fierce too sure and too extravagant, they destroy they make it bling to sell more. Of course they're desecrating Dc but Dc's old standards are dead...they may have won some momentaneous young customers but lost long run afficionados. I don't buy from them anymore exept the things pre-flashpoint...that's sad..but what can we expect from the guys now leading Dc...

For sure we want new, nice and blinding stuff, tradition and evolution, powers, reality, that they don't modify our heroes like dummies, changign their personnality or giving them false pretention, a good run and classy story arcs again, but it takes balls to share passion, artists and writers are massively now only puppets, but what can we say they have to eat too...those who run the bussiness doesn't even read comics i think...