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... Is that FDR spearing Deadpool from his wheelchair down a flight of stairs. Bah ah hahaha.

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"GD: We’re trying to build up some bad guys for him. We’ll probably be revisiting some older bad guys later in our run. Or bigger bad guys that you’ve not seen him fight. Or good guys that are bad guys because they’re in a Deadpool book. The possibilities are endless."

This makes me hopeful for this series.

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I am tentatively optimistic about this series, while I am liking the liking the concept and writing so far, I am reminded of how I was all about the D Way Deadpool series when it first started.

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I'm just gonna put this here so other fangirls won't come here and leave disappointed.

Their baby would never shut up.

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Deadpool is getting dead presidents to kill dead presidents. Well, looks like Marvel is getting more of my money again.

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Hope has been restored for me, I am going to give this a chance.

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Any one have a copy the that Deadpool script that was supposed to be good? If it is not going to be made I would like to know what could have been.

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Well I am not sure if I like all of the off panel deaths that they had. I am interested how he was able to kill Ghost Rider and Doctor Doom. Not that I wanted them dead I just wonder how he was able to do it.

But then there is the overall reason he is doing this, he is aware that we are watching him slaughter people. Like he is doing the world a favor by killing the characters so they wont be exploited by us the audience or by the writers and artists at Marvel. Within his own mind he thinks that this super-genocide is some kind of noble martyrdom to make the reader feel bad about following the exploits of our favorite superheroes. Really the title is appropriate, because if Marvel thinks that we are all just a bunch of violent perverts who get pleasure from watching super-snuff, then they might be losing the people who were once loyal fans. Just a warning Marvel, we are your customers, we deserve the respect any business should give to it's source of income.

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I agree with the lobster on how he should be characterized.

*Warning I am getting on my soapbox*

What i would really like to see in a Deadpool story line is him having deep moral dilemmas, facing real consequences for his actions, and/or making a noticeable impact in the Marvel universe with his actions. For the past few years, every single Deadpool story has had little impact on the Marvel Universe. All of the mini series and on goings will have no impact on the mythos of Deadpool and there will be no lessons learned for any of his actions. It just feels like the past 3-4 years were a pointless footnote in the Marvel Universe. Except for what he does in X-Force, that is the exception that proves the rule.

I am not saying to make him murder a bunch of kids and explore his feelings afterwards. What I am saying that he needs to be a human at some point and notice that the world does not revolve around him. That the comedic wall should come down every once in a while and he should face reality. Show him the families that he has deprived of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Let him have more to his character than being a sentient blender of death and one liners. There is a interesting and conflicted character under all the violence and funny, let him out. I miss him.

I am done now.

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O my god! People are implying that Daniel Way is a hack writer who barely even knows Deadpool's past story lines and does little to no research when he writes the ongoing series. Yeah I was a DWay apologist for the longest time, but now I just want him to go away.

Spoilers!!!!!! Do not read If you want to be ignorant of what happens. Trust me, I wish I didn't know this: Hey Black Swan is back and is no longer a surf board. Why? Who cares? Way certainly does not care to explain. And let us bring back Black Tom Cassidy while we are at it. Hey didn't the Juggernaut snap Tom's neck? Why yes he did. How is he alive now? Umm, reasons that is why!