A short tribute to the original Spider-Girl

In October it will be a year since “The End” came for the original Spider-Girl and so here is a belated salute to May “Mayday” Parker.

It was a wonderful kind of throwback, a classic superhero book. Today cynicism rules the day, everything is “dark” and “edgy,” heroes, at best, occupy a moral grey area and villains are sometimes nothing more than colorful mass murderers. Spider-Girl was truly heroic, idealistic, and maybe a little naïve. Her greatest moral lapse was that she sometimes lied to her parents (gasp!) And the villains, while there schemes were sinister, were also a little campy, or just plain weird (and that’s a complement.)

But now that it is gone I’m glad it has stayed gone. It’s rare for one writer to go from beginning to end on a character that he or she doesn’t own, but Tom DeFalco was lucky and so were we. He had a great run and was able to tie up the loose ends and wrap it up on a positive note. It would have been too bad if another writer came in and decided to “shake things up” and spin off in another direction, or worse, to somehow move Mayday Parker into the regular Earth-616 continuity.

It was fun; it was the kind of comic book that hooked you as a kid. It was optimistic with a real spirit of high adventure. It’s small but fiercely loyal fan base kept the book alive for over 10 years and that loyalty is testament to just how good it was.

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