10 Reasons Why I Love Comics

Exactly 20 reasons why i like comics.There are so many reasons why comics are cool like costumes , powers , and concepts.One cool power is flight you can go anywhere any time just by fling in the air.

Also costumes are a huge part in comic books.They tell how a character is like.For example look at Wolverine's x-force costume , it tells rough and feral at the the same time.Even video game characters have that look like i want to piss in my pants.Alex Mercer's hammer fists and blade arm are deadly weapons that cause chaos and fear in people.

Finally the concepts.The Goblin Force , The Ion power , and The Phoenix Force are all powerful entity's.The Ion power is the most powerful weapon Green Lanterns use.Currently Sodam Yat is the host of its awesome power.Also the Ion Force proved a great deal of help when Sodam faced Prime in combat.Though Yat lost he would have been killed in 5 seconds by Prime but luckily Yat had the Ion power with him which saved his life.

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