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Batman is the only DC book I pick up on a regular basis, so I don't really care. But hey, free comics is free comics, so count me in for the contest!

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I never read Valiant titles before, so when they relaunched, with all of the Now and New 52 everywhere I couldn't squeeze them in. Everything looks like it's been done really well, so I'd say I missed out - this would be a great shot to give them a chance, I'd love to win.

If I had psionic abilities I'd like to think I'd use them for good, but in the end I'd rob banks and get people to give me cool stuff. Think Emma Frost from the Hellfire Club, but with sweatpants and less cleavage.

However, there'd still be some good in me, deep down. So if I won the first TPB I'd mail the Lemire variant to MarkRose. That would make me even in the world for all the theft and manipulation, right?

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Ackbar seems like he would be really wise, so I'd probably want to listen to him talk. Plus he looks weird.