Prehistory of the D.C. Universe

The revised, post-Crisis history of the D.C. Universe.

Notable works that span great swaths of early D.C. history, but are being omitted for the time being:

The History of the D.C. Universe I & II

by Marv Wolfman

; the timeline of events summarized after "Crisis on Infinite Earths"


The Atlantean Chronicles

by Peter David

; miniseries chronicling Atlantis from it's foundation through the birth of Aquaman

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Posted by Silkcuts

Great list.  There is not enough fans here on the Vine that is dropping the knowledge.  

Posted by lykopis

Brilliant compilation. I think I learned more in reading this list than browsing through the site.

Edited by CrazyScarecrow

Woah! Never knew Angel and the Ape were some what influential to the rest of the DC Universe. Especially since those two were created more as joke characters of the DCU than serious ones. Also I never knew Thor played such a big part for DCU. Knew Kirby did set the New Gods up in Marvel though I expected it to be in Fantastic Four or Avengers.

Great list! I'll have to check some of these comics out. Especially Spectre and Angel & The Ape. Those two always interested me.

Posted by fables87

so...much...vertigo tie-ins :D

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster