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From Den of Geek:

But maybe the real best case scenario is that fans will stop demanding that the impossible minutiae of comic book continuity, especially when it involves intellectual property that's at least a half century old, make any kind of sense. If we do that, then perhaps DC and Marvel will stop making bigger messes when they try and clean it up. For that matter, comic book companies might want to stop taking the intelligence of potential readers for granted, and understand that we can probably figure out the little differences between the screen and page versions of our favorite characters. Event comic escalation is real, and it's now brought us to the point where the summer crossover traditions at the Big Two are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

Couldn't agree with them more. I mean DC went from the 40s (late 30s for Batman and Superman) all the way to the 80s before rebooting with COIE. Marvel went from the 60s to the 80s before the original Secret Wars, and that wasn't even a reboot. Now it seems we can't even go 5 years without a reboot - which means we're stuck in perpetual zero years, year ones, maybe the characters might make it to the third year of their career before BAM another reboot - doesn't allow for much growth.

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@earthsmightiest: Yeah, I knew they were redoing Secret Wars - I think I posted something about it being a stupid idea when it was announced a year ago. But I didn't know they were just going to recycle every major story arc of the past several years too.

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@rorie: Interesting... the slash makes all the difference. Thannks!

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In addition to the other review related bugs I just discovered that you can't direct hotlink to a review.
For example I was trying to link to my review of All-Star Western #1. If I copy paste the URL, it is:

However if I use the 'link' button in the text editor that same URL takes you to the list of review pages here.

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I agree, the Rogue scene was superfluous and slowed things down.

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Never mind. I forgot this was the 'dudez goku could tots kick supermans butt' forum....

As you were.

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Animal Man started out good, but lost me along the way - it seemed to get a little too into weirdness for weirdness' sake.