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This morning I noticed @snowymountain posted a great review for 'Green Lantern: First Flight'. I knew that I reviewed that film but my review did not appear there. Even clicking on 'other reviews' on the page only brought up one other user review. I searched my hard drive looking for it to repost, figuring the site deleted it. Eventually I Googled for it and found this link in the Google cache:

Lo an behold there was my review - and a number of other reviews. But there's no way to see these reviews or navigate to these reviews from the movie page:

And if you click on one of the two displayed reviews for this film, under 'other reviews' at the bottom is just the one other review.

There is no way (save by Googling) that I can find how to see all 15 reviews, though they all still exist on this page.

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@rorie: Thanks for the info. And wow, is this really you? Didn't know you were back.

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Just learned that Glen Orbik, one of the all-time great cover artists died of cancer today.

Here's his Wiki page: Glen Orbik

(O.K., you can now ignore this thread like you usually do and go back to talking about who Naruto could beat in a fight, and why Thor shouldn't be a girl.)

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New strange development. While it only shows the most recent review, this week it is also showing two very old reviews (July 2011).


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No word, so checking to see if the team is even aware of this?

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@sinikettu: I don't know, at the time I posted this thread, I did a forum search and none came up. I now see many have sprung up since.

Sarcasm notwithstanding, do you think it's going to be 'worth it'. The last time I got sucked into a major Marvel crossover event it was Civil War, and though it didn't blow me away, I wasn't disappointed. Many other crossovers have failed to live up to the hype.

And from what you say, it does seem like this might finally be Marvel's COIE... they just had to age more (DC's Crisis was a couple years after their 50th anniversary and Marvel's 50th was a couple years ago). Time to shed the dead weight.

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Wow, judging by the lack of attention this thread has gotten in the past day since I posted it, I guess 'Secret Wars' is a dud.

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I haven't seen much discussion about it here, so I'm starting a thread...

Alright, CV, tell me what the hell this new Secret Wars is about so I can decide whether I want to bother with it or not.

My cynical azz thinks it's just another attempt to squeeze money by doing a major crossover event and using a familiar name for it. And, given that not much happened in the original Secret Wars, I don't know if I buy into the hype about another one.

But then... at the back of my mind I'm thinking they could do something cool here. This could be Marvel's COIE... plucking the best of the Ultimate Universe, and 616 and killing off the not-as-great duplicates. Yeah, no more competing product lines... that would...

Oh, who am I kidding. It's just your regularly scheduled annual event, right...?

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That's pretty much my list too. Maybe not exactly the way I would rank them, but pretty close, including Iron Man as #1.

(assuming we are only talking about these 11 films and not the other Marvel character films not part of Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe - which would be a much different list)

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Sooo... haven't heard anything. Is this a site wide issue, or just me? Is it being looked into?