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What you need to know about me:

  • I started reading comics in the mid 1970s and stopped in the early 1990s. I read only select trades and graphic novels for the next two decades, and have recently returned to reading comics, although with plans to read MANY major story arcs that happened in the intervening decades to catch up!
  • I refuse to acknowledge the canonality of retcons.
  • I am primarily interested in comics from the 1970s and 1980s - the period I think had the best comics, but I read everything from early Golden Age through the latest comics.
  • Right now I'm on an ambitious project to re-read the major events of D.C. & Marvel Universes from the Golden Age through the present. This will be one continual line for Marvel, and two massive 'chunks' for D.C. one, pre Crisis, the other (simultaneously) the D.C. Universe from Crisis on Infinite Earths (which I just read) through Infinite Crisis.
  • I am WAY behind on current continuity of a lot of stuff. Please avoid discussions with me that may contain spoilers about my favorite comics.